About Health Education

Let’s talk about health education.

Definition of health education

As defined by John.M last; Health is a process through which individuals or groups of the people learn to behave in a manner conducive to the promotion maintenance and restoration of health.

About health education

The meaning of health education is a means of educating people about health, through which knowledge related to health is given to the public through some educated and qualified persons, which has many types of fields, such as physical health, Social health, environmental health, intellectual health and spiritual health are included.

Health education is a very important contribution to human life, having knowledge of this we can avoid various types of problems, such as from infection, from diseases. Therefore it becomes very important to know about it.

Purpose and objective of health education 

  • Encourage    people to adopt health-promoting lifestyles and practices.
  • To create interest, improve skills, give new knowledge, and change the attitude in making rational decisions to solve their problems.
  • To increase individual and community involvement at every level to achieve health development.


  • Principles of health education-
  • Interest – Building interest in health programs can increase the well-being of people.
  • Participation – enhancing people to work actively in recognizing their problems.
  • Credibility – The message should be based on facts and consistent & compatible with scientific knowledge i.e.  Any information provided about health education should be credible and correct because any misleading information about health can put you in serious danger.
  • Motivation –An awakening of desire learning is very important. Motivate the person by providing intensives to get more informed about his/her health.
  • Leaders – Use local leaders to encourage the impact of health education.
  • Setting an example- Give good practice to kids by actually following certain hygiene rules and normal health norms.
  • Good human relation-Build good human relations with people to whom you are going to teach about health to develop communication skills.
  • Feedback –Get feedback to change the strategy according to the need and shorting of previous health education.


  • Importance of health education: There are the following-
  • Information – It provides scientific knowledge or information to people.
  • Health organization & development.
  • Education – Enhancement of knowledge.
  • Counselling –Help people understand better & deal with their problems related to health.
  • Communication for health education- The two-way process of transferring ideas and information to correct demographics of people, who are actually in need of correct information.


  • Purpose of communication for health: 
  • Cognitive improvement knowledge.
  • Affective-changing exiting patterns of attitude and behavior.
  • Psychomotor- acquired new skills.


  • Barrier and problems in health communication:
  • Psychological- the difference in hearing and expression.
  • Psychological – Listener, neurosis, and different levels of intelligence. Language difficulties and snap reaction.
  • Environmental – Large working area & noise. High-temperature congestion, bad ventilation & humidity.
  • Cultural –the stages of knowledge and understanding, religion, custom, language variation, and illiteracy.
  • Mechanical – a telephone in bad condition, light, and unclear printed material.
  • Organization – Certain non-supportive policies, rules and regulations


  • Methods of health communication-


  • Individual approach:-
  1. A) Home visit.
  2. B) A personal letter


  • Group approach-
  1. Lectures,
  2. demonstration,
  3. group discussion,
  4. panel discussion,
  5. Symposium & workshop


  • Mass approach-
  1.  TV,
  2.  Radio,
  3. Newspaper,
  4.  Postures & the Internet

Health Education


Learning by a doing-this principle is “if I hear I forget if I see I remember if I do, I know”.

 About health education-

Some Important Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs’)-

 Question- 1- What is the importance of health education?

            Answer-Its biggest contribution to the students is because of this they get knowledge, skill and positive attitude.

Question – 2-What is meant by health education?

                   Answer -The meaning of this is to provide awareness to all, such as in the community and in any institution.

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