10 Amazing benefits of drinking banana Tea

10 Amazing benefits of drinking banana tea:

These amazing benefits are available by drinking banana tea: It is a boon for digestion and bones.

Consuming banana tea is very beneficial for health. Banana tea is rich in many nutritional properties.

1-Very few of us will know about banana tea, but this unique tea is full of many types of health benefits, Which can help us to change to a better lifestyle….

2-How to make Banana Tea?

Benefits of drinking banana tea

Boil bananas with or without peel in water. Then remove the banana from the water and consume this water by mixing it with black tea or milk tea.

3-Banana is rich in fiber which takes a long time to digest. It creates a feeling of satiety in the body &  maintains hunger away, which helps in weight loss.

4-Bananas are rich in manganese and magnesium. The nutrients help in increasing the strength of bones and keeping them strong.

5-The potassium & magnesium present in bananas help in promoting the digestion of the body. It also helps in reducing muscle tension and inflammation.

6-The potassium present in the banana helps in controlling the blood pressure of the body by balancing the pressure in the veins

7- It also helps in cataract and oxidative stress, which keeps the eyes healthy

8- Banana tea contains dopamine and serotonin. helps to keep the mind stress-free and happy hormones

9. Banana tea contains tryptophan, serotonin and melatonin which increase the production of hormones that promote sleep. Due to this, your mind becomes calm and good sleep comes. It helps to overcome the problem of insomnia.


10 – Beneficial in keeping the heart healthy -To keep the heart healthy, it is considered very beneficial to consume banana tea. The properties of magnesium and potassium are found in bananas, which help in lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. Which helps in keeping the heart healthy.

We hope you all liked the 10 amazing benefits of drinking banana tea that we have mentioned.

Disclaimer- The tips and advice in this article provide general information only. Please consult an expert or doctor before using them.

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