Benefits of ghee

Benefits of ghee

Eating ghee is considered beneficial for health, people believe that eating ghee increases weight. But it is not so, desi ghee can work on belly fat. In Ayurveda, Ghee is considered as a medicine, it contains various nutrients such as Omega-9 fatty acids, Omega-3, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, etc.

It is very beneficial for our health. You can consume ghee in any season whether it is winter or summer. Ghee is also one of the things that have been given special importance including in food for good health. Ghee is considered a superfood in our country, which has been a favourite not only for its taste but also for all health. According to Ayurvedic experts, cow’s ghee is considered as a natural antioxidant.

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    Benefits of ghee

Let us know about the benefits of ghee

To increase immunity-

Ghee contains Vitamin E, A and Vitamin C, which help in strengthen our immune system, hence it protects us from infection. It only protects against the risk of infection in the changing season, so you can include it in your food to increase immunity.

Beneficial for constipation problem-

According to a research, butyric acid is found in abundance in ghee, it helps in removing the problem of constipation. It increases the metabolism of our body. Using ghee provides relief in stomachache, it helps in keeping the digestive system strong.

Skin glowing- Antioxidants are found in ghee, it helps in keeping our skin healthy. It enhances the glowing of the skin

Weight loss-If ghee is used in a limited quantity, then weight can be reduced because it contains healthy fat, which can help in reducing weight by removing bad fat.

Beneficial in a headache- Cow ghee is also considered beneficial in migraine pain. Concentration also increases by eating cow’s ghee.

For weakness-Drinking a spoonful of ghee mixed with a glass of milk daily brings strength, it also removes weakness.

For cell growth- Effort is developed by eating a spoonful of ghee with roti, rice or lentils every day.

Home remedies

1-Taking a glass of milk in the morning on an empty stomach and a spoonful of ghee mixed with ground black pepper and powdered sugar can improve eyesight.

2- Before sleeping at night, drinking a glass of milk mixed with a spoonful of ghee provides deep sleep.


Types of GheeGhee is generally of two types, one of yellow color and the other of white colour. Yellow colored gi is made from cow’s milk, and white colored gi is made from buffalo’s milk, both are beneficial from the point of view of health.

 Ghee is being consumed as a sattvik food since ancient times. It is not only delicious to eat, but it is also rich in the benefits of many types of nutrients.

Benefits of cow desi ghee-Cow’s ghee is like nectar, it is delicious in taste and is very beneficial for health. Cow’s ghee is like nectar, it is delicious in taste and is very beneficial for health. It is rich in all the essential nutrients needed along with antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties. According to experts, cow’s ghee is the best because it contains carotene, and vitamin A, which is very good for the brain and eyes.

Some FAQ  related to the benefits of ghee–

   Q -1-What happens if you eat a spoonful of ghee daily?

   ANS- Eating a spoonful of ghee daily can help strengthen bones, and strengthen our body’s immunity.

     Q-2- When and how should ghee be eaten?

      ANS- According to experts, ghee should be eaten with hot food like hot roti, hot vegetables or lentils.


This article is for information only, it cannot be a substitute for any kind of treatment or medicine. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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