Constipation in winter: Easy home remedies to get rid of the problem of constipation in winter

Constipation in winter: Easy home remedies to get rid of the problem of constipation in winter

Constipation in winter: Constipation is caused by poor diet, poor routine, excessive rest and lack of fiber. In this condition there is difficulty in passing stool. The risk of piles increases if there is a problem of constipation for a long time.

For this, do not be negligent in the problem of constipation. Include fiber rich food in the diet, drink sufficient amount of water, exercise daily and avoid junk food. Apart from this, to overcome the problem of constipation, consume these things. Let’s know

Constipation in winter
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Isabgol is a panacea for stomach. Stomach disorders are cured by its use. Dietary fiber is found in it, which plays an important role in weight loss. Along with this, fiber also gives relief in the problem of constipation. For this, mix 2 to 3 spoons of Isabgol in a glass of water and consume it daily in the morning or before going to bed at night. This can provide relief in constipation.

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To overcome the problem of constipation, Triphala can be consumed. Its use provides relief in stomach related problems. For this, mix one spoon of Triphala powder in a glass of water and consume it every night before going to bed. Constipation is relieved by doing this remedy.


3 – Black raisins

It is believed that black currant is the same medicine for constipation. Insoluble fiber is found in it, which helps the intestine to function properly. For this, soak 4-5 raisins in a glass of water before sleeping at night. Consume black raisins the next morning. Apart from this, raisins can also be consumed with lukewarm water.

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Celery is also an effective medicine to remove the problem of constipation. By eating it, the gastrointestinal system works correctly. Also, the problem of constipation goes away. Soak half a teaspoon of celery in a glass of water. Consume ajwain water the next morning.


5- Castor oil

Castor oil medicine for constipation is similar. For this, taking a glass of warm milk mixed with appropriate amount of castor oil provides relief in constipation. If you want, you can use castor oil in tea or coffee.

6-Hot water and herbal tea

Drink at least 80 ounces (about 2.5 liters) of water or herbal tea daily. The best liquids are warm, as they counteract the cooling nature of Vata. Additionally, consuming most of these liquids before or after meals is essential.

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7-Take milk with ghee or linseed seeds

Mix 1-2 ghee in a cup of boiled milk, and try drinking it before bed at night. Either boil one spoon of linseed in a cup of water and drink it after it cools down. Keep in mind that drink this drink after one hour of dinner.

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How to avoid Constipation in winter:

1- Healthy adults should drink at least three liters of water daily in winter. They were especially drinking hot water so that the movement of the stomach could be correct.

2- You must eat fresh fruits like grapes, guava, orange, papaya, banana, watermelon etc.

3-Chew the food thoroughly while eating. Due to this, digesting food is okay.

4- Consume green vegetables and salads, do not eat junk food. Avoid consumption of alcohol and excessive caffeine.

5- Use spices like cumin, caraway, black pepper, and fennel. Along with this, eat cardamom in limited quantities.


Food That Causes Constipation in winter: As soon as the winter season arrives, we face many problems. Constipation is one of those problems. Our daily routine changes a lot in the cold season.

Due to excessive cold, we keep sleeping for a long time due to laziness, or even after waking up, we keep lying down for hours, which affects our daily routine.

Because of this, our time to eat and sleep is flexible. Even for this reason, do not exercise and walk because getting out of the blanket is a big task at this time. Not only this, there is less thirst this season because we drink less quantity, which is not suitable for our health.

It is bound to happen in this way that you may have to face the problem of constipation. Because the movement of the body is less, there is difficulty in digesting food. Today we will tell you some things that should not be consumed this season, even by mistake. Otherwise, this problem of constipation will not leave you.

Distance Yourself From These Things:


We drink less water in the winter because we feel less thirsty due to the cold. Due to this, our bodies can get dehydrated. Dehydration of the body is the main reason for constipation. On the other hand, if you consume things like caffeine and alcohol, your body can become more dehydrated. So stay away from such things.

2-Processed Food:

Processed and packaged food can be one of the main reasons for constipation. There is a lack of fiber in processed food, due to which it isn’t easy to digest.

3-Junk or Fast Food (Junk / Fast Food):

Consumption of junk or fast food can also be harmful to health. In these food items, the amount of fiber is less, and fat is very high, which isn’t easy to digest. Besides the problem of constipation with fast food, it can also make the body suffer from many serious diseases.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to provide general information only.  Always consult a doctor or an expert for more details.

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