Dry Fruits Myths vs. Facts

Dry Fruits Myths vs. Facts: 

Dry Fruits Myths vs. Facts: People have many beliefs regarding dry fruits. There are some myths and facts about dried fruits that many people need to be made aware of. Today we are talking about the Dry Fruits Myths vs. Facts.

Myths and facts about dried fruits:

Nuts are one of the healthiest things in terms of health. It is always advised to soak dry fruits and nuts and eat them. They are full of nutrition. We have always been taught to eat nuts by the handful to meet our nutritional needs and maintain better health, but there are many misconceptions about nuts. There are some myths and facts about dried fruits that many people are not aware of.

1-Myth : Soaking almonds strips them of their nutrients

Fact: Almonds are great for health in natural or soaked and peeled form. Soaking California almonds is generally recommended as they are processed, and peeling will help get rid of tannins, which inhibit nutrient absorption.

Soaked and peeled almonds help release an enzyme called lipase, which helps digest fats. Soaked almonds are soft and easy to digest, which helps in better absorption of nutrients.

Dry Fruits

2-Myth: Do Cashews Raise Cholesterol?

Fact: Eating cashews are often associated with high cholesterol, a myth. The reality is different, as cashews are rich in potassium, folic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin B5. These micronutrients help maintain your heart health while reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

3-Myth: Mamra almonds are better for health than California almonds

Fact: Mamra almonds are indeed good for health as they contain a high amount of monosaturated oils, which help reduce bad cholesterol in your body and increase healthy cholesterol. They are also high in natural sugar and protein, which makes them more nutritious.

However, California almonds are processed and contain less natural sugar and protein than mamra. They are suitable for everyday consumption, especially for those not involved in physical activity.

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4-Myth: Raisins are high in sugar and not suitable for teeth

Fact: Raisins contain several antioxidants, one of which inhibits the growth of oral bacteria. It can prevent cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to the surface of the teeth.

5-Myth: Cranberries can be preserved with sugar and are unhealthy.

Fact: Dried cranberries are loaded with natural fiber, which takes time to digest and controls appetite aiding in weight loss.

Cranberries are rich in nutrients and low in calories which are great for your gut health. Include cranberries in your diet, as they can reduce the risk of heart disease. They also contain proanthocyanidins, which may be beneficial for your oral health.

6-Myth: Eating dried fruits can cause diarrhea.

Fact: Dried fruits are loaded with natural laxatives that help care for your colon health and regulate bowel movements. It is a natural remedy to overcome the problem of constipation.

7-Myth: Should dry fruits be consumed only in the morning?

Fact-There is no truth in the fact that dry fruits should be consumed only in the morning. You can consume dry fruits anytime.

Disclaimer: The information given in this article is based on home remedies and general information. Do take medical advice before using it.

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