Food-myths-and-facts In India


The effect of certain food habits which we follow regularly is being scientifically proven while some are still doubtful. What we and you think about food and its effect on the body may not be completely correct. Some things related to food are scientifically true.

But there are some things about which we remain sceptical. But people mostly believe in what they hear.

  We know about the truth of these illusions-(Food-myths-and-facts )




Myths If you do not eat sugar, you will be saved from diabetes.

Fact- Excess use of high-calorie things like protein, fat and sugar increases the amount of insulin, as well as consuming more amount of packet food, juice and starch etc.


 Myth-You can eat anything with milk.

Fact- It is not at all that you can eat anything with milk such as curd, tamarind, bitter gourd, citrus fruits, coconut oil or curd etc. You may have to face difficulties.


 Myth-Salt poured from above in food is injurious to health.

Truth-Whether salt is added while cooking or later, the sodium present in it from above is the same. Which plays an important role in body function. Normally, there is enough salt in it while cooking. But if poured from above, it can be harmful if put in excess.


 Myth-The best source of iron is only spinach, which increases blood volume the most.

Fact- Apart from spinach, there are many vegetables that supply iron in the body, such as 100 grams of spinach contains 20- 21 iron, similarly fenugreek leaves provide 15% iron. 7 per cent iron is supplied from mustard greens.

# 5

 Myth-Dark chocolate is good for you.

Fact– Dark chocolate contains 70 to 80% cocoa which is good for you. The rest is just candy.


If you have diabetes, you should avoid sweets.

 Fact– In fact, people suffering from diabetes should balance their meals and snacks in such a way that they get the proper amount of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals.’


Myth– Fat-free and low-fat food are better than high-fat food.

Fact- It is believed that there is hardly any difference.

# 8

 Myth-Microwaving food reduces its nutritional value.

Fact- If you use some water to store the vegetables, then it is the best way to store the vitamins and minerals and steam the vegetables.


Myth- If you use some water to store the vegetables, then it is the best way to store the vitamins and minerals and steam the vegetables.


Myth- Vegetarian diet leads to rapid weight loss.

 Fact- There are some unhealthy things in a vegetarian diet too, which should be avoided.

 # 11

Myth- Caine food does not contain nutrients like fresh food.

Fact- Fresh vegetables and fruits reach the market only after a long journey. Therefore, it is not as fresh as it is when it is broken. Conversely, packaged ingredients are good or better because they at least preserve their nutrients.

# 12

Myth- Organic food itself is healthy.

Fact- Organic cookies, chocolates, and candies contain the same amount of fat and sugar and calories as the non-organic version.

Hope this article about “Food-myths-and-facts” was helpful in clearing some of your myths regarding certain food habits.

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