11 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Chilli

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Chilli

Health Benefits of Green Chilli: Do you enjoy spiciness in your food? If yes, then you must have seen green chillies. These small but mighty peppers are packed with nutrients and have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties.

Green chilies are a staple ingredient in many cuisines, and they add flavour and heat to any dish. But do you know that green chilies also have many health benefits? In this article, we will discuss the 11 health benefits of green chillies.

 Health Benefits of Green Chilli


Green chillies are low in calories and high in nutrients. They are a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium and iron. Green chillies contain capsaicin, which gives them their spicy flavor and has many health benefits.

Here are 11 health benefits of green chilli :

#1. Helps in weight loss

Green chillies are low in calories and can help in weight loss. They support fat burning and raise metabolism.

. Capsaicin, which gives chili its pungency, also helps reduce appetite and prevent overeating.

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# 2. Increases immunity

Green chillies are rich in Vitamin C, essential for boosting immunity. Vitamin C helps produce white blood cells, which fight infection and disease. Additionally, it has antioxidant qualities that guard the body against harm from free radicals.

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#3- Protects against cancer

Capsaicin, present in green chillies, has been found to have anti-carcinogenic properties. It helps in stopping the growth and spread of cancer cells. Green chillies are especially beneficial in preventing prostate cancer.

#4. lowers blood pressure

Green chillies contain potassium, which helps in controlling blood pressure. Potassium helps balance sodium levels in the body, which in turn helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

#5. Reduces inflammation

Capsaicin has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in the body. It is especially beneficial in reducing inflammation of the lungs and improving lung function.

#6. Improves digestion

Green chillies help in improving digestion by increasing the production of digestive juices. They also have antibacterial properties that help prevent infections of the digestive tract.

#7. Relieves pain

Capsaicin has pain-relieving properties that make it an effective remedy for pain. It is especially beneficial in relieving joint pain and headache.

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#8. Suitable for the heart

Green chillies are suitable for the heart as they help reduce harmful cholesterol and improve blood circulation. Capsaicin also helps reduce the risk of heart disease by preventing the formation of blood clots.

#9. Improves Skin Health

Green chillies are a good vitamin E source, essential for healthy skin. Vitamin E prevents premature ageing and keeps the skin young and healthy.

#10. promotes hair growth

Green chillies contain vitamin C, which helps promote hair growth. It also has antioxidant properties that protect hair from damage caused by free radicals.

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#11. relieves congestion

Green chillies help relieve congestion by thinning the mucus and clearing the nasal passages. Capsaicin has also been found to be effective in reducing the symptoms of sinusitis and other respiratory infections.

Questions to ask:

Q1. Are green chillies good for weight loss?

Ans. Yes, green chillies are low in calories and can help you lose weight. They increase metabolism and promote fat burning.

Q2. Can green chillies help in boosting immunity?

Ans-Yes, green chillies are rich in Vitamin C, essential for boosting immunity.


Disclaimer: This article aims to provide you with general information. Healthwithfun.com does not claim any confirmation of it. Therefore, before using anything, do consult experts.

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