How to be better version of your own self everyday

How to be better version of your own self

Okay, while I write this first thing that comes to my mind is:

  • Do you really know your own self?
  • How much and to what extent do you want to explore your own self?
  • Are you content with who you are, or do you want to improve further?

We will try to find the answer to all these questions through today’s article. Today we will be talking about how to be better version of your own self.


To start, I would first like to suggest “Try knowing yourself”.

When I say “Knowing yourself, I mean knowing “who exactly you are”, not what “World” wants you to be or not the person like whom you want to be. So try figuring out this gradually because to be the best version of yourself, you should be aware of your default version.


Okay here are some points listed to start with:(How to be better version of your own self)

1) Try learning from your Past Experience’s and reflect upon them:

This is a very obvious point, but the most important as well. What major mistake we all do is we know we were wrong in some instances and there is always a window to improve, but rather than sitting and thinking about the situation we go ahead ignoring it, and repeating the same mistakes over time.

So next time you feel you got hurt, you were humiliated by the boss, or any relative, or any XYZ person. Sit, relax, try talking to your friend or maybe discuss with your own self and give thought “Why did such a thing happen with you?”, “Where were you wrong?”, “What made another people shout at you”?, “Why didn’t you react the same way, what did stop you”?

Try questioning yourself at every point and get the answers because the time you learn to reflect your own self, you can be your own favourite teacher. You attain that power to explain your own self that next time the same incident should not get repeated. No one can dare to shout at you without any reason because this time you will do the necessary i.e. answer them back.


2) Try learning new Habits every day:

This is one of the best practices you can get used to. Try exploring what are your hidden hobbies and interests. It can be anything: for example; painting, sketching, gardening, walking, travelling, and learning guitar or any random stuff which you always wanted to learn.

Channelize your thoughts together for your interest and start learning it slowly day by day. Even if you start with 15 minutes a day, it’s completely fine, just get started and you will develop the interest gradually.

How to be better version of your own self


3) Try Writing it down:

This is another habit that really helps. If you sit and write your thoughts every day, your achievements every day, you will feel much happier and more light about yourself.

And these memories in paper formed can surely be revisited sometime when you are bored, or maybe make your kids read it (laughs) that how their mother/father used to spend time in good writing. Try doing this, it’s great fun.

4) Try gaining Knowledge:

In this world of clicks and the internet, one can surf unlimited knowledge in less than a minute. Thanks to technology for interconnecting the world. Try utilizing this to the maximum. The more you read, the more you feed your brain with good things, the way you think changes.

So make this your habit, reading or even binging any such thing which teaches you anything new, will keep your brain muscles at work. You will surely learn new things in this process which you can implement to develop yourself.


5) Try being true to yourself:

In the end, what matters is “YOU”. Always try to be honest with yourself in terms of your improvement. Try noting down each day, “How much you have improved” or “How much you have achieved” and every small achievement matters so learn to embrace your flaws, work on them, improve and celebrate to become the best version of you.


And don’t forget to “SMILE” because happiness is meant to be spread. The more you smile the better the world would be………….

How to be better version of your own self



Hope this article was helpful and informative and will help you to guide “How to be better version of your own self”.

For more such writings, keep reading and supporting.


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