How to be more patient in life?

How to be more patient in life?

Well, while I write this topic one thing comes to my mind.

Why is it so difficult for some people to keep calm or be patient?

What is there to get so restless?

Why are they not able to control their emotions?


If you are the one facing the same questions, then friend you landed in the right place…..

In this article, we will be talking about How to be more patient in life?


  • Know the cause: Why are you feeling Impatience:

This is a very important task to perform. Next time whenever you feel like you are very impatient and you cannot wait, for anything like waiting for the uber to arrive, waiting in a car in traffic etc.

Try figuring out why, why are you getting uncomfortable, what triggers your impatience. And if that comes out to be the thing which is out of your control, then you need to stop, think upon it and relax.

Somethings are beyond your control and what maximum you can do is “wait” and try utilizing your time in something constructive like finishing your pending work, talking to a friend whom you never called, playing the game you wanted to or buying dresses for which you didn’t get time from so long.

Once you understood, what is actually making you feel impatient, now you need to go ahead and work on how can you improve it, so here are some points listed on How to become more patient?

1. Learn to Wait and practice :

Like any other hobby of learning guitar or clicking photos, patient is also a habit which needs practice. Try practicing it by doing certain activities that make you wait like:

  • Standing in a que to buy things, going to shop rather than getting things in one click by shopping apps.
  • Try taking long walk to self-analyze yourself without any distractions of mobile phones etc.
  • Try learning any new hobby from scratch.
  • Try playing with kids, because they are the great teacher who can actually teach you how to be calmer.


2. Try shifting your focus on more important things in life:

Take some time out to sit with yourself and ask questions like:

What is making you impatient?

Is there anything which is really troubling you?

If you get the answer, then try moving away from it and focusing on something more important or something you love doing.

By doing so you are giving more time to your inner thoughts which can make you more constructive rather than sitting and overthinking the same thing again and again repeatedly.

How to be more patient in life?

3. Practice empathy, focus on bigger goals and enjoy small victories:

See, this is the key, if you change your thoughts, your perspective to look things will also change. If you find positive aspect of things, you feel less sad so try twisting your thoughts in a different way for example; if you are getting irritated to stand in line, or because of anyone else you are getting late in your work, try thinking to help that person to complete the process fast. This will make the work easy for both. Try showing empathy.

Try focusing on bigger goals in life. Think that does getting impatient for a while will help you in the next 2 hours or not or is it relevant for you to waste your time on things which are least important. Learn to cherish the small victories you have achieved on whatsoever scale and always be good to your own self and be proud.

Hope these points will shed some light has helped you to understand How to become more patient in life.

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