How To Boost Up Immunity In Winter

If you want to avoid diseases in the winter, keep your immunity strong.

How To Boost Up Immunity In Winter: The risk of diseases increases manifold in the winter season, so our lifestyle must be such that we can avoid infection. To deal with diseases, we need to take special care of our food and drink.

How To Boost Up Immunity In Winter: The winter season has started. Most people like the winter season. The more pleasant the cold weather, the more the risk of diseases also increases this season.

The infection spreads rapidly in the cold, due to which problems like cold, cold, and fever come to the fore. Our immunity only helps us to fight against diseases and remain healthy, so we must make our immunity stronger in winter so that we do not get any infections.

By the way, most people become very conscious about health as soon as winter comes, but most people pay attention only to physical exercise.

We must pay special attention to our diet to increase and strengthen immunity. According to the news of Purple Dot, there are some such Ayurvedic methods by adopting which we can strengthen our immune system in winter. Let’s know about these health tips.

1-Milk and figs: Figs are rich in many nutrients. The amount of antioxidants in it is very high and increases our immunity. It is abundant in protein, zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, and fiber. Figs are consumed in both seasons. Figs also increase our stamina. Consuming it with milk in winter can increase immunity.

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2-Amla: It’s the best source of Vitamin C. It rapidly increases immunity. Consuming Amla also improves mental health and also reduces hair fall. Consuming one gooseberry jam daily in the winter can be a boon for your health.

How To Boost Up Immunity In Winter

3-Consuming Jaggery: Jaggery is known as a natural sweetener. Jaggery is rich in iron and minerals. Jaggery keeps our body warm in the winter season. A small amount of it daily maintains the level of blood circulation in the whole body. If you overdose, you may get diarrhea or nosebleeds.


4-Turmeric intake: Turmeric in our kitchen is such an element that it is a panacea for many diseases. Various types of nutrients are present in turmeric. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that increase our immunity. It is beneficial in bacterial infection and sore throat. It is also beneficial in treating acne.

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5-Tulsi Leaf: Tulsi is also known as a natural medicine. Where on the one hand, it is used in many religious works. On the other hand, it is also used to treat many diseases.

Tulsi has many health benefits. It makes our immunity strong immediately, and daily consumption of some of its leaves also improves respiratory function. Tulsi cleans our lungs.

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6-Use of Chyawanprash: Winter season comes, and most people use Chyawanprash to increase immunity. Chyawanprash purifies the blood & also protects against seasonal diseases. It increases memory, so health experts recommend feeding it to children in the cold.

Hope this article was informative and helpful “How To Boost Up Immunity In Winter”.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to provide general information only.  Always consult a doctor or an expert for more details.

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