How to control your emotions naturally

How to control your emotions

Okay, while I write this topic, one thing that comes to my mind is “Emotions are complex, and so are Human Beings.”

Yes, Emotions are healthy, complex and necessary as well. Emote, express and be happy about your feelings always.

Now, let us find out what emotions are actually,


  • What are Emotions?

Emotions are defined as the physiological state of mind brought by certain different changes in behavior, feelings, thoughts, situations, pleasure and displeasure. Emotions are the way to express your inner thoughts and feelings.

But, as per the saying Excess of anything is bad, the same is true with emotions. Emotions are the way to build your personality and aura, but the time it starts controlling you as an individual, that becomes scary.

So, today we will be talking about

“How to control the emotions”,

“How to regulate your emotions”,

“How to channelize your emotions for good”


I will be enlisting some practices to start with:

1. Try to understand your Emotions:

This is a very important point to notice. The first and foremost thing you should do is:

Try understanding your emotions i.e.

 ‘What are you feeling? (This means try labelling your emotions i.e. Is it anger, is it frustration? is it sadness, is it anxiety, what it is actually?)


 ‘What is going in your mind?’  (This means what are you thinking about the situation or what you want to do about it, answer someone back, fight with someone, yell at someone, sit and cry, what you want to do?)


Why are you reacting in a certain way?’ (This means what action of others is compelling you to behave in a certain way? Are your feelings correct? Have you thought that your reaction towards any situation makes sense or not or is it just the instant reaction you feel?)

What led you towards this behavior?’ (This means what action of yours or what understanding of yours compelled you to behave the certain way?).

Once you question yourself with all these questions, you will better understand what you are going through, and once you understand what it is, you can work on it. Work on the ways that can help you regulate your feelings.


2. Try accepting whatever you feel:

This is the next step to proceed. Once you understand your emotion, try owning it. For example, Any action of your friend made you angry, try expressing it. Accept the fact that yes you are angry by his/ her actions.


Once you accept your emotions, you can fully feel them, vent your anger and feel light. Try being comfortable around your emotions. Intense emotions are not bad, it’s just that they should not linger for long that can surely trouble you. Accept it, embrace it and work on them.


3. Try expressing it in Right Situation:

“INSTANT REACTIONS ARE NOT GOOD”. Try getting more aware of your surroundings. Every action should not be responded to by immediate reactions.

Try analyzing the situation and get the best out of it. Some fights can be saved for later. Instant reactions block your mind from thinking good or bad.


For example: if you are angry with your spouse tiny habits, instead of replying then and there that “he is unhygienic or untidy”, wait for the right time and mood where you can sit and explain to him where he was wrong. This will surely strengthen your relationship.


4. Try giving space to yourself:

Distractions for a while helps you return better. The same is with emotions. For a while, you can try distracting your own self from the intense feelings you are going through.

Take little breaks, like a walk outside maybe, or listening to good music, talking to a friend or a family etc.

But do keep in mind to revisit your emotions once you feel better and work on them accordingly.

How to control your emotions


5. Try writing it down or keeping track:

Writing your emotions till the time you feel light about it, will help you better. Make a habit to pen down what emotions you went through in different situations. Keeping track would allow us to revisit and reflect on them.

Lastly, if trying all these mentioned points do not work, consult a nearby therapist or phycologists. They will help you recognize your negative emotions, stress and anxiety and a proper solution to overcome them.

How to control your emotions

Hope this article was helpful and informative about “How to control your emotions”.

For more such writings, keep reading and supporting.

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