How to react in different Situations

How to react in different Situations

Ok, When I talk about this topic it’s a mixed emotion in my head….

Because this is one topic which really needs to be discussed because most of us juggle with our emotions in different situations. Most of the time we don’t understand how to react to different people in different situations and end up hurting ourselves in most of the cases.

So, today we will try to reflect upon the fact that why we react in a certain way and how can we change it.


  • Respond rather than react:

    (How to react in different Situations)

For example, if you get scolded by your boss, the first instinct which comes to your mind is anger like how can your boss scold you for no reason.

Okay, here is the trick….

What you need to do, is first take a pause and try to respond to the situation rather than reacting to it. Now when I say respond rather than react, this needs to be understood. What is the difference between both of them?

When you react instantly, you are using your mind unconsciously without thinking about the outcome, and this can be dangerous because such impulsive reactions always lead to unnecessary fights and negative emotions. Rather when you try to respond, what you do is take time to analyze the situation, think about it with a calm mind and then answer. Try thinking: Is it even worth your time to answer the person and get into a fight? Is it worth your time and energy?. If it is not leave the conversation and walk.


Walk away from the Situation:

Whenever you get into an ugly fight with your family, or spouse what you can do is take deep breaths and try to avoid it if it is not a very important matter. Try taking a long walk with yourself away from the chaos to actually analyze the situation that what actually went wrong for the situation to arise and how can you tackle it with a better state of mind once you are back. Try doing this. It really helps.


  • Communicate:

As per saying “Communication is the greatest tool if used correctly” …….

It is actually very true; communication can really make things better. If you are really troubled with any situation, try speaking your heart out with someone you are really close to. If you had a heated argument with your spouse, try talking to your friend who will understand you and will give you a better opinion about the situation. Talking really helps. Try it out.




  • Be Positive:

Okay, this point needs to be considered that if in case you are sometimes hurt from someone’s words do not take in your mind and heart. Be good to yourself and kind. Everyone’s actions are based on their past experiences so think about what situations they were into. Maybe they were not in the correct state of mind, so sometimes you can try to be empathetic about certain things. Try doing this it will help.


I hope you will be guided better by these points mentioned above to control your emotions and How to react in different situations.


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