How to reduce stress organically

How to reduce stress organically

How to reduce stress: Reducing stress is essential to our well-being, and it is vital to have strategies in place to help us deal with stressful situations.

Okay, while writing this, I know there can be no magic trick to reduce your anxiety and stress but yes if you practice some methods mentioned maybe you can relatively cope better with situational stress.

Stress and anxiety have become an indispensable part of our society in today’s world of clicks and the internet. In the fast world, we are into, we are daily thrown with tons of challenges of life either it is work or personal life, everything seems to get difficult and out of hand.

In these extreme speedy lifestyles, how can we keep our mind calm and composed is the biggest question? How to be focused and feel less stressed? How to keep our head clear from overwhelming thoughts?

Will try to answer some of these questions through this article….

So let’s start by understanding How to reduce stress.

What is Stress?

Stress is defined as a type of physical or mental response observed in the body due to any, mental, physical or psychological strain caused. Stress certainly produces some hormones in body to cope up. Now it is important to know that stress can either be positive or negative.

Positive stress is that minimal amount of required response towards change, which challenges you to perform and complete the task. For example: If an exam is nearby, then the stress caused to score good numbers can actually provide you energy to get and study. On the other hand, it can also be negative i.e.  If the response is in excess and there is no good feeling or relaxation then it turns out to be toxic for the body.

For example: In the same situation, if you keep stressing about the fact that you can’t study to score good marks due to the huge syllabus, and keep crying about the same, then it will create tension and you will end up getting troubled.

Now, once you know what stress is, let’s explore how do you feel when you are stressed or what are symptoms of stress?

Its symptoms:

Physical symptoms of Stress:

  • Stomach Pain.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Heartache.
  • Pleasure issues.
  • And some muscle tensions occasionally.

Mental symptoms of Stress:

  • Depression 
  • Sadness
  • Anti-social behavior.
  • Anxiety Attacks etc.


How to manage Stress?

Stress can be coped with well if you follow some small measures:

1) Walk and Exercise:

Whenever you feel like “I need a break, and I can’t handle this anymore”. Get up and decide to take a small walk and talk with yourself consoling everything will be fine, and try moving away from the hustle and bustle which is troubling you for a while. This will make you feel relaxed.

Exercise daily, exercise acts as a stress reliever because the people who exercise daily feel more energetic throughout the day and less fatigued. Try making exercise your habit. Regular exercise actually helps you in feeling more confident about yourself and your body.

2) Practice Gratitude:

This is a very small but very important point. Practising gratitude towards what you have achieved till now will make you happier and less stressed about what is lying ahead in the future. And always be open to change. Change can bring in a lot of adventure. So practice being thankful for everything you have.

3) Merge with Nature Beauty:

Trust me, this really works. When you are feeling lost and stressed that what is going to happen next. Just go out and get some fresh air, or go to any place full of green bushes, or under the sky, see those stars gazing on you, see birds chirping and building their nest. Nature has a lot to offer. Mother Nature can heal your soul with her beauty.

Try once connecting with Mother Nature. THERE IS LOT TO EXPLORE AND ADMIRE”. You will surely be stunned by the beauty around you and will start forgetting your worries and stress.


How to reduce stress

4) Try penning down:

This is one more effective way of coping with stress. Try one thing, whenever you feel anger, stressed, nervous, and anxious any XYZ feeling which is troubling you. Try to write it down repeatedly till you vent it all out on paper.

Try writing till the time there is nothing left to write. This will surely make you feel better as all feelings in your heart would be out and you will be a little empty in your thoughts and more relaxed maybe.

5) Laugh it Out:

One says it writes “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST THERAPY. Try doing this. Laugh out with your friends, family or whomsoever you are comfortable with. Human emotions are complicated and sharing them can make you feel relaxed. So sit and spend some time laughing with your loved ones.

6) Meditation and Yoga:

Studies have already proven that yoga and mindfulness relax our mind and body. So this practice is really effective where you try to distract your mind from everything else around and try to focus. Focus on your breath and you will start feeling calmer day by day.

 7) Do what you love:

Okay, this sounds easy, right?

Yes, this is the best therapy to cope with stress. For a while you need to forget everything and start doing what you love the most or what makes you happy, this is a very effective method.

Tried and tested maybe by so many, you can go about doing anything like sketching, painting, gardening, playing the guitar, playing any instrument or either sleeping maybe if you love that, or roaming or going out with friends, cooking, anything.

Doing these things will make your mind relax and much happier because you really enjoy that process without any effort, making you feel relaxed.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that try figuring out your own coping mechanism and if all these don’t work then try consulting a therapist or a counsellor for fast recovery.


How to reduce stress

I hope this article was helpful and will help you better to cope up with stressful feelings and how to reduce stress.

For more such writings, keep reading and supporting….

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