Importance of Self-talk

Importance of Self-Talk

 While I write this topic, one thing is very clear that you might be certainly aware of this topic “Importance of Self-talk”, and everyone inculcate this habit knowingly or unknowingly of “Self-talk”. 

 But today, in this article we are going to talk about “Importance of self-talk”, “What is self-talk”, and, “How self-talk can build your personality in a certain way”. 

Okay, so let us understand: 


What is Self-talk” 

Self-talk is defined as a set of inner dialogues or talks going on inside our head. It can be in form of thoughts, feelings or ideas. Self-talk is known to form your personality


Types of Self-talk: 

1) Positive Self-talk: Positive self-talk is the talk done with oneself, which increases your self-confidence, or the sentences which you say to yourself to make you feel better about yourself. 

2) Negative Self-talk: Negative self-talk can be considered as a chain of negative thoughts one feeds inside the brain, which makes you feel less confident about yourself. It is known through studies that our brain is trained in such a way that it tends to remember negative instances more than positive ones. So, keeping negative thoughts away from the mind is a constant effort one needs to take. 


Now, that you know there are these 2 types, we need to understand  

What is the significance or importance of Positive Self-talk: 

1) Makes you more Confident about yourself: 

This point is important though. Positive self-talk wires your brain in such a way, that you can overcome any difficulties in your life if you are optimistic about yourself. Keep practising this way of having a good positive interaction with yourself, where if you are thrown any tasks to perform, you say that “However tough it may seem, I can give it a try”, Maybe I can excel this” rather than thinking “Ohh Shit!!, what is all this? How will  I complete this task? Should I even start this?”.

These little sentence formation and approach towards any problem is the basic key. If you keep your approach right and positive, you are surely half the way to solving the problem. Try practising talking positively to yourself every single day (I know this will take time and it can’t happen overnight, but at least give it a try, and see what magic it does). Make it a habit and observe the changes within you. 

Importance of Self-talk


2) Reduces Stress and Anxiety: 

This is backed by certain research studies, that people with a more positive approach, are more confident about themselves, and chances of them getting stressed or panicked about any situation are less. Thinking and talking positively about oneself gives you that boost that “Yes, I can always cope up with every tough situation with best of my abilities and will try to give my 100% per cent, although the outcome is not in my hand, I will be content and satisfied that I gave it a try”. This talk will surely help you to better cope with the stress and anxiety you feel about the situation. 


3) Makes you a Happy and Best Person to be around: 

This is true. If you are this positive and jolly person in your group of friends, everyone would love to be around you, because happiness and positivity are contagious and should be spread with the whole heart. So, try to be this happy person which can make others smile too, by being a happy person yourself. And this positivity can be inculcated slowly by practising positive self-talk. 

Importance of Self-talk


These were some of the points enlisted about the benefits of Positive self-talk, now let’s talk about How to make it a habit… 

How to Practice Positive Self-talk: 

1) Try reframing your sentences, here are a few examples to start with: 

1) I can do this for sure. 

2) I am proud of myself for at least trying. 

3) I am the “Hero” of my life, only I can change my situation. 

4) I can’t keep thinking about what others think, I will do what pleases me the most. 

5) I am strong enough to deal with this. 

6) I am a happy person who loves smiling at all odds. 

7) Yes, today was a little off day, so what? I will try tomorrow with more enthusiasm. 

8) I can control my emotions better. 

9) I will keep trying, till the time I don’t get it. 

10) I will always have the attitude of just going on, and never stop. 


2) Try labelling your talks with yourself: 

Next time whenever voices are coming from your head, try noting them down and label them, the time you realize you are listening negative about yourself, try reframing the sentence instantly with some positive talks mentioned. 


3) Try staying away from people, who make you feel bad about yourself: 

This too is a very important point. Always try to be in a happy space and with happy people because there is a lot of negativity and negative people out there. Try creating your boundaries and stay away from people of this kind. This too would help you to be positive in life. 


So, lastly, I would like to conclude, get up and start practising self-talk, you will be a better person at the end of the day. 


Hope, this article about “Importance of self-talk” was helpful and informative… 


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