Interesting facts about mental health  

 Interesting facts about mental health  

Good health is not only a physically healthy body, whereas a healthy person should also have a healthy mind. A person with a healthy mind has the ability to think clearly and solve problems in life.


  • The wrong concept about mental health is as follows – 

# 1 (Facts about mental health 2021)

Myth-The biggest misconception is related to mental illness.

Fact – Persons suffering from mental disorders are dangerous and violent to the public.

Due to this type of negative thinking and misconception, the person suffering from mental disorders becomes more distant from the society.

# 2 (Interesting facts about mental health)

Myth- There is no cure for mental illness. It is also a misconception that there is no cure for mental disorders. It is a definite misconception in most of the people, that there is no effective treatment for this disease.

Fact-Whereas mental disorders can be treated not only by many types of medicines and therapy but they can also be completely cured.

# 3

Myth- Mental disorder is caused by supernatural power. Most of the people of the society believe that the cause of mental ailments is due to the spirit, black magic and bad condition of the planet.

 Interesting facts about mental health 

Fact- Although in today’s time various types of psychiatry have been discovered, and there has been an increase in mental health well-being.

# 4

Myth- Mental illness is contagious.

Fact- People have to believe that mental illness is contagious like other diseases. However, mental illness does not spread with each other, because it is non-infectious.

# 5

Myth- Mental illness is genetic.

Fact- Mental illness is genetic in the opinion of most people. But it’s not always the right reason.

# 6

Myth- Mental illness persists throughout life.

Fact- People understand that if someone suffers from mental illness, then it remains for life. which is a misconception.

# 7

Myth-Marriage can cure mental disorders.

Fact- It is believed that if a psychopath is married, he can be cured again. But the truth is that marrying a psychopath only increases the intensity of his symptoms.


#  8

MythMental illness is a social stigma.

Fact- A mentally ill person deviates from normal behavior due to his illness.


# 9

Myth- The prevalence of mental illness in India is low.

Fact- It is believed that India has a very less number of psychopaths. Whereas it is seen by all, that 10 to 20 per cent of the population of India is suffering from mental illness.


# 10

Myth- Treatment of psychopathy is possible only in the hospital.

Fact- It is not at all that the psychopath is treated only in the hospital; the psychopath is treated at home. Hospitalization is done only in some severe cases.

# 11 

Myth-A normal person can never be mentally unsound.

Fact- Just as there is a misconception that the mentally ill will never come again be healthy, in the same way, there is a misconception that a normal person can never be mentally healthy because of the ignorance of common people about the causes of mental illness. The truth is that any type of mental disorder, prolonged stress in life or any accident can cause a mental imbalance in a mentally healthy person.

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