International Women’s day 2022 Theme

International Women’s day 2022 

“Women”- The Naari Shakti, mother of all serving the society from ages.

Today, in this article we will talk about the “International Women’s day” celebrated all across the world.

International Women’s Day is celebrated with the aim of increasing this participation of women and awakening women unaware of their rights and improving their lives.

God created the creatures, differentiating them into genders with the purpose of completeness, with the sense of opposing nature complementing each other for fruitful and balanced life of human race.

But as the world started progressing with the mixing of cultures, traditions, ages and with the growing eras’s the definition of gender equality, rights for women, their hold and respect in society started taking different roads.

Women in different societies of the world were looked upon in different roles that were most commonly of Homemakers, looking after children’s, abstained from all kind of rights provided to the bread winner i.e males of the family. And these rules and regulation prevailed from ages and also justified by different cultural and traditional manuscripts of the different society.

But with growing industrialization and modernization in the societies, in late 90’s the things got revolutionized and Women started speaking up, so here are we going to present in this article; How it started?, What is the Importance?

Table of Contents:

  1. Purpose of Women’s Day
  2. Theme of Women’s Day
  3. When did Women’s Day start?
  4. Importance of Women’s Day.

Women are a very important part of our society, but with the passage of time women have become an important part of society and nation-building. Earlier, women were confined to the family, but now after moving out of the boundary wall and moving towards many areas, they started getting unprecedented success.

Be it the sports world or politics, be it the military or the defence ministry or the entertainment world, it includes only that, but it is involved in a big role. Every year on March 8, programs are organized in all the countries of the world on the occasion of Women’s Day.


International Women’s day 2022

Purpose of women’s day Our society and all the countries of the world are more aware. But the fight for women’s rights  is still going on, in many issues women have not got respect and rights even in today’s era, that’s the reason Days like International Women’s Day is celebrated every year with the aim of making the society aware.

Theme of Women’s Day 2022-  “Today is gender equality for a lasting tomorrow.” The colors of Women’s Day are purple, green and white. The green color symbolizes hope and the white color symbolizes purity. Purple color signifies justice and dignity.

When did Women’s Day start?-  There was a labor movement in America in 1908, in which a large number of working women participated, a procession of about 10000-15000 women marching on the street of the group.

Demand of working women that their working hours should be reduced and wages should be increased. Women demanded the right to vote and demanded the officials. Due to the reasons for this lofty voice of women, the then government there, about 1 year after this movement, in 1909, the Socialist Party of America announced to celebrate Women’s Day.

When Russian women went on strike in 1917 demanding bread and pies, this strike started on the last Sunday of February. It was a historic strike and when the of Russia left power, the interim government there gave women the right to vote.

Importance of women’s day– With the aim of giving respect and love to women, the Women’s International Day is celebrated keeping in mind things like awakening the people of the society and making women aware of their rights. This day has great importance to raise the consciousness of women and remove the inequality spread in the society.

Hope you all liked the information about International Women’s Day 2022 given by us.

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