Meaning of Phobia & Symptoms

Let’s talk about the meaning of phobia

Meaning of phobiaIt is a type of neurotic disorder whose main symptom is fear of a particular object or situation or action. This fear is irrational and unnecessary. The word phobia is derived from the Greek word meaning fear and escape.


  • Common symptoms of phobia-– It is as follows-

     1. Repressed fear.

     2. Generalization of fear.

     3. It becomes mandatory for the person to run in the circumstance.

     4. Behaving like a baby.

     5. Presence of physical symptoms related to fear


  • Reasons for having a phobia- It has the following reasons –

      1-Biological causes- There are heredity and individual factors in this.

      2- Psychological factors:

   I. Childhood experiences– Childhood experiences of if determine future neurotic disorder. If neurotic symptoms are present in the child during childhood, for example, thumb sucking, nail-biting etc. These symptoms manifest as severe anxiety disorder and severe fear of the future.

  II. Environmental factors:

  •     Living in a slum.
  •     Noisy environment, such as being home near a railway track.
  •     Working in a stressful environment.
  •     Unemployment.
  •     Economic problems.
  •     Social environment.
  • Types of Phobia – It is divided into main three parts, which are as follows-

       1 –  Simple (specific) phobia

       2 –  Agoraphobia

       3- Social phobia

 1-Agora phobiaIn this type of phobia, the person fears being alone in a public place where he does not get immediate help from another person. For example – fear of going to a cave, fear of being on the bridge, fear of going to crowded places like bus stations, railway stations etc.

It is found more in women than in men. The person is afraid to go to all the places where rescue is difficult. In this, the person experiences a severe type of anxiety. On this basis, it is divided into two parts. People suffering from this decide never to leave home alone.

 Symptoms of Agoraphobia – When living in an open space, the person starts feeling afraid of open space. And when it gets serious one just gets intimidated by the thought of open space. Public places are also mostly open, the feeling of insecurity increases, and the person feels insecure.


 2-Social -phobia meaning-(meaning of phobia)

The main symptom of social phobia disorder is that the person is so afraid of future criticism and remorseful behaviour in the group that he or she stops interacting with other people. This is another type of phobia, in which there is a fear of speaking in a group function or doing other things that can be criticized. Fear of social situations.

The basis of fear is the patient’s distorted thinking, he is afraid that others will make fun of him. Another symptom of this is that he tries to avoid social situations.

This one is irrationally afraid of social interaction. In this type of phobia, the person is very sensitive to criticism of his actions, for example, fear of doing something in front of people, fear of talking to strangers, fear while writing among many people, participating in group activity fear of taking.


 3-Simple or specific (Meaning of Phobia)-

      In this type of phobia, if a particular situation, object or animal is feared. for example –

  •      Afraid of insects
  •     Fear of heights 
  •     Fear of dark places (Claustrophobia meaning)
  •     Afraid of water (Hydrophobia meaning)
  •     Afraid of strangers.
  •     Afraid of blood – ( Hemophobia meaning)

Meaning of phobia

  • Most common social phobia:

    1. Social speaking rate (8%)

    2. Afraid to speak in front of strangers (5%)

    3. Fear of eating in a public place (4%)

  • Most common specific phobia-
  •    Fear of insects (23 percent)
  •    Afraid of water (13%)
  •    Fear of closed spaces (10 percent)
  •    Fear of heights (22 percent)

Common symptoms of agoraphobia are the fear of travelling in a public vehicle and fear of crowds.


  • Facts related to Phobia – Some are as follows,
  •      The origin of phobia is often in childhood.
  •      This disorder is commonly found in men and women.
  •      This fear is not proportional to that object or situation.
  •      One himself knows that this fear is absurd, and cannot be explained by reason. Because there is a            presence of insight in man.
  •       The main cause of the phobia is considered to be the failures of the following two psycho-structures,        Repression and Displacement.


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