Motivation about Life

Motivation about Life

Definition of Motivation We do many types of tasks, why do we do these tasks because there is some intrinsic purpose behind it, and this form of purpose which allows us to start, do or finish any task can be defined as motivation. In this article, we will talk about ways to achieve “Motivation about life”.


  • Examples of Motivation – Following are examples of motivation

A player working day and night to win a gold medal in-game, a group of workers have been on strike for a long time, a student spending 8 to 10 hours a day studying, some people wish to climb Mount Everest, some kind of motivation is found behind all the appropriate behaviour.

Motivation about Life


  • Types of MotivationIts type is as follows Motivation is classified in several ways.
  • Motivation is mainly divided into two parts: – Earned and Unearned motivator.
  • Primary or Biological Motivation– These are motives. Those arising from physical needs. Its satisfaction is very important for life. The origin of biological motivation is due to the deviation in the homeostasis of the body.
  • As the temperature of the human body is about 98.6◦ Fahrenheit and if the temperature rises higher than this, then our body responds via excessive sweating, biological results are described as follows.


  • Hunger Motive – A person spends energy in many activities, this energy is obtained from food by that person, that is why he feels hungry.


  • Thirst motive-This motivation is also like hunger motive; this motive has its origin in the mouth and throat.


  • Respiration Respiration is a substance in the absence of which life is not possible if there is a lack of oxygen in the body due to any reason, then human memory will have a serious effect on the control of authorities and muscles.


  • If the process does not start, it can permanently damage the fun and at the same time there may be a loss in intelligence, i.e., lack of oxygen can result in dizziness or confusion thinking.



  • Sleep Motive – Not only do humans need all beings, but also being constantly active increases the amount of CO2 and lactic acid in our blood and decreases the supply of muscular oxygen, which results in fatigue by which energy is replenished in the body by rest or sleep, if late-night work is reduced due to lack of sleep for any other reason, its effect is seen in physical and mental functions.


  • Social Motives – Social motivation is a complex requirement as it arises while the person is living in a group in the society, i.e., it is the motivation acquired by the society. And are more powerful because they can survive without its fulfilment.


  • Approval Motive – It is found in all types of individuals. Every person has a desire that the work done by him should be recognized and approved by the people of society, due to this motivation, the person is the same worker and all such people, according to their personal judgment, act according to the wish of the group, against their individual judgment.


  • Achievement Motive – People in which this motive is found in high amounts always keep improving their work capacity and most of them like to do the same tasks that are challenging, so in the field they prefer to perform only in the origin of achievement motivation. The reason may be such as seeing others, due to parental pressure and failure.


  • Power motive– The ability of a person to control the emotion and behaviour of another person.


So, basically, we wanted to inform you What is motivation and how to get “Motivation about life” and its type.

Hope this article was informative and helpful. For more such good writings, keep reading and supporting.


Motivation about Life

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