Personality test: you can know about someone’s personality

 Personality test: With the help of some questions, you can know about someone’s personality

Often when we want to know about the personality of a person, we ask him some questions. On the basis of those questions, we try to know and understand what is the personality of the person. Let us take a look at sample questions that can be found on the basis of one’s personality test.

1 – Who knows you best?

Want to know a lot about a person’s openness and willingness to have a close relationship then this question will tell about that person. If their own mother knows them best, then you are talking to an introvert. If someone says they know their sister and a friend best, you are probably talking about someone who is always ready to get to know and bond with people despite differences and disagreements.

2 – Who is your role model?

The question will tell you a lot about a person’s preferences,  preferences, aims &  aspirations. You can offer a list of people asking who you appreciate the most and who is your role model. Each option may point to a certain tendency or preference for an individual. By this question, one’s personality can be easily detected.

3 – What did you learn from your biggest unsuccess?

This question tells whether a person deals with his failure constructively. After answering these questions you can know whether that person is of positive personality or a negative personality.

4 – Who is your idol?

The question will tell you a lot about a person’s preferences, aims &  aspirations. You can offer a list of people asking who you appreciate the most and who is your role model. Each option may point to a certain tendency or preference for an individual. One’s personality can be easily detected by this question.

5 – What is the first thing you do if something breaks in your house?

 This will show you how someone deals with problems and how they are likely to act when work is disrupted. This can be the best way to test personality.

6 – What is the method that helps you to calm down?

Whenever you want to know about someone’s behavior, then definitely know how a person keeps himself calm in difficult conditions. A person who keeps himself calm in difficult situations can do anything in life.

Personality types

 Personality is synonymous with the English word. The word is derived from the Latin word Persona means Persona. The cover is used by the paint worker to change clothes and the word Persona refer to the outer qualities. The Word of personality origins from- Persona which means ‘Mask’.

Personality is divided into three parts as written in the Indian philosophy manuscript Bhagavad Gita which is as follows:

 1 – Sattvic personality

2 – Rajasic personality and

3 – Tamasic personality

Definition of personality -It has been defined by many psychologists. According to Gordon Allport if there is a dynamic organization of mental qualities within the individual, who decides to adjust to his or her coming towards the environment.


Personality test

Characteristics of Personality:

  1. The term personality encompasses all the physical and mental characteristics of a person, through which the behaviour of the person is expressed through thoughts of interest and philosophy of life.
  2. It is not a static state but a dynamic concept that changes continuously due to the influence of the environment.
  3. Personality is the way a person adapts to the environment in which the person behaves in order to follow the environment.

 “Sigmund Freud” – famous neurologist organized the structure of personality into three main components: –

  1. Id– It’s a part of personality present at birth and it is completely selfish. It is also referred to as primary process thinking. It’s the source of all drives. Id component works on pleasure principles so it demands immediate gratification biological needs like hunger, thirst, etc without knowing the consequence.
  2. The Ego– Latin word ego which means “I”. The ego works on the actual principle. It is also called secondary professing thinking. It’s a part of the personality that begins to develop between ages 4 to 6 months. An example of Ego personality is parents saying don’t go outside the home.
  3. Superego -It is also a Latin word that means higher self. It works on the principle of perfection & represents ideal rather than actual. The superego develops the self-esteem or pride of an individual. It creates the capacity for self-criticism. Examples of Super Ego- parents are outside of the home, but never disobey parents.


Theories of Personality Development The process of personality development is not the same in two people and at different stages, many changes are seen in the personality of the human being at that stage, in this stage these changes are slow and in some, these changes are fast and extensive.

Many psychologists have proposed this theory to understand the dynamic form of personality development.

 Thus, theories were introduced to attempt to understand the development of the theories of personality development as a structure.

  • Traits based theory
  • Type-based theory
  • Development based theory


Personality Examples – According to Dr Jung, it is divided into two types. Examples of this are as follows.

1-Introverted personality – This type of person – Idealist, selfish, and unable to keep pace with society.

2-Extrovert personality – Their characteristics are low-functional, informal, interest in social action etiquette, friend, virtuous, genuine, unconcerned, overpowered and present kind of giving importance to the present.

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