What is Rajasthan UDAN Scheme 2022?

What is Rajasthan UDAN Scheme 2022? Let us know about the Rajasthan UDAN Scheme.

The Rajasthan government has announced the launch of UDAN scheme for best health and cleanliness for women. Under this scheme, sanitary napkins will be given to all women free of cost.

Earlier this scheme used to benefit only the girl students of the school, but now the scope of the scheme is being expanded and all the women of the state will be given its benefit.

Under the scheme, the government has released the budget. The scheme is mainly to make women aware of physical hygiene. Let us know what is the UDAN scheme, its benefits, eligibility list, all the information related to the application process etc.

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   1.-Rajasthan UDAN Scheme 2021
  1. 1 What is Rajasthan Udan Yojana
     1.2 Objective of Rajasthan UDAN Schem

     1.3 Rajasthan Udan Yojana Features

     1.4 Rajasthan Udan Yojana Eligibility

     1.5 Rajasthan Udan Yojana Documents Required

     1.6 Rajasthan UDAN Scheme Official Portal

      1.7 Rajasthan Udaan Yojana Application Form Process

      1.8 Rajasthan Udaan Yojana Helpline Number

      2 -FAQ

What is Rajasthan UDAN Scheme?

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has announced the UDAN scheme on the occasion of the birthday of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Under which sanitary napkins will be given free of cost to all the women of the state. This scheme is to make all the women of the state health conscious.


Purpose of Rajasthan UDAN Scheme :

It is often seen that women are conscious about their health and physical hygiene, especially the women of rural areas do not take care of it.

The state government is beginning the UDAN scheme with the aim of making all the women of the state aware. In this free sanitary napkins will be given to all women. Due to which they will be protected from many diseases as well as they will have good health.


Rajasthan UDAN Scheme Eligibility:

-As you have been told earlier the Udan scheme used to benefit only girl students and adolescent girls of Rajasthan, but now all the women of the state can take advantage of this scheme under this.

-The benefit of this scheme will be given only to the women girl students who are originally residing in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Udaan Yojana Required Documents :

  • Aadhar card
  • identity card
  • mobile number

Rajasthan Udaan Yojana Helpline Number:

The State Government of Rajasthan has released a helpline number for complaints related to the Free Sanitary Napkin Scheme, ie, 181. For any kind of information or complaint related to the scheme, you can call on this number.

What is Rajasthan UDAN Scheme

Rajasthan Udaan Yojana Application Form Process:

The Rajasthan government has not released any application process under the scheme. Officials have said that any woman can get free sanitary napkins from any school, college and Anganwadi centers in the state.

Free distribution of sanitary napkins will be done here. The scheme is especially for the women living in the village, who are unable to buy sanitary napkins due to financial weakness and because of hesitation, such women can feel free to go to these centers and get free sanitary napkins.

Rajasthan UDAN Scheme Features :

  • Till now all the girl students and adolescent girls of the state were given free sanitary napkins under the UDAN scheme, but now the state government has expanded the scope of the scheme & now all the womens of the state are also given free sanitary napkins in a phased manner. 
  • The state government has passed a budget of Rs 200 crore for the UDAN scheme. The benefit of which will be given to all the women of the state.
  • By getting free sanitary napkins, women , students, adolescent girls will get good health & hygiene.
  • The government has issued notices to all the schools, colleges and Anganwadi centers in the state asking them to start the scheme in a phased manner so that all the girl students of the state can take advantage of it.
  • To give information about this scheme, different awareness campaigns will be run from time to time by women self-help groups and NGOs so that all women can get information about this scheme.
  • The nodal department of the scheme will be Department of Women’s Empowerment.
  • The responsibility of implementing the scheme has been given to different departments. In which Medical Health School, College Education Department, Technical Higher Education Department, Tribal Regional Development Panchayat and Rural Development Department will play special responsibility in this scheme.
  • Giving information about the scheme, the officials have said that for effective implementation at the state level, separate ambassadors will be made, in which there will be two brand ambassadors at the state level & district level.
  • Along with this, all the brand ambassadors and departmental voluntary organizations associated with the scheme, whatever good work they do, will also be rewarded by the government.

Rajasthan Udan Yojana 2021:

  • Naam Udaan Yojana- (Free Sanitary Napkin)
  • Where did it start – Rajasthan state
  • When will it start -19 November 2021
  • Who announced – Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot
  • When was the announcement – September 2021
  • Beneficiary – State women, girl students
  • Department -Women’s Empowerment Department
  • Helpline No-181
  • Official Portal -Not Now


FQA- Questions and Answers related to Rajasthan Udaan Yojana:

Q-1- What is the UDAN scheme of the Rajasthan Government?

ANS- Through this scheme, sanitary napkins will be provided free of cost to all the women and girls living in Rajasthan. This scheme has been made to make women and girls of Rajasthan aware of their health.

Q-2- When was the UDAN scheme started in Rajasthan?

  ANS-This scheme has been started on 19 November 2021 on the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi.


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