Role of communication in a relationship 

Role of communication in a relationship 

Communication is surely the most important pillar of any relationship either it be a romantic relationship or a relationship with your family or friends.

  • What makes communication this imp?
  •  Why lack of communication can cause voids in relationships?
  •  Why thought gaps can kill the long-term warmth of the relationships?

While reading this article, (Role of communication in a relationship ) all questions of yours will be answered, the questions which always take a seat back in our mind….

So, let’s start by understanding what we will cover:

  • What is Communication definition
  • Importance of Communication in relationships
  • Ways to improve the communications
  • Benefits of healthy communication in a relationship


Role of communication in a relationship 

What is Communication definition?

Communication is defined as the transfer of information through speaking or writing or any other medium to make other people understand or convey the message.

Importance of Communication in Relationship:

Home of a healthy relationship is made 4 pillars i.e., Understanding, loyalty, honesty and care. These 4 attributes contribute a lot towards a good relationship. But if you think, how can you develop an understanding with another person?

The best way to develop understanding between 2 people is to communicate, speak your thoughts, your hobbies, your likes, your dislikes, your strengths, your vulnerabilities, your interests, your dream, everything you want your love interest to know about you.

When I say this, it is equally important that you connect and communicate with your own self as well, try understanding yourself first as an individual, what makes you complete as a person, what you like, what makes you “You” everything.

Once you know yourself, you can better explain yourself to the other person you are trying to connect to. Here comes the importance of communication in life where you should sit and talk with your self or your partner or your spouse with whom you want build good terms maybe.

Role of communication in a relationship –

The time you excel in the art of communicating, the understanding and growth of the relation gradually grows with the time, what you exactly need is the exchange of thoughts, clearing your mind with other person, constantly putting your thoughts forward what you need, making it clear every time that difference in opinions can be sorted when you talk, try to clear out every time by talking and giving time, efforts and energy to each other. Communicating and talking can always be helpful in reducing the void of thoughts.

Ways to improve communications:

If communication is an art, surely it needs to be nurtured and to make this art grow, one needs to learn certain habits:

  1. Learn to make Eye Contact: First and foremost rule of communication is to make eye contact while you talk, seeing in your eyes increases your confidence and gives you a boost.
  2. Gestures: Gestures are important in any communication, try taking care of your posture while you talk to your partner, lean towards them, show some interest while they speak, listen to them carefully what they want to convey.
  3. Watch your way of speaking: Always watch your tone while you speak, if you are angry avoid speaking because the word coming out of your mouth in anger can worsen the situation. A person looses his calm when his mind is full of anger and negative emotions. In situations like these couples should always try to avoid conflict or rather accept conflict and sit and try solving them once the mind is calm and in correct state.
  4. Value the time: This point is really important when it comes on building the truthful and meaning relationships. Always try to value your partner’s time. Try understanding the amount of energy and effort they have put in making you happy. This usually is neglected and should be improved between the couples. If one partner is taking out their time to communicate, the other should respect thier opinion and time as well to come with inferring conclusion about any problem. This way the mutual respect and love towards one another increases further enhancing the relationship.
  5. Acceptance: Acceptance is a key. Try accepting the feeling of your spouse respectfully whether they are going through the rough patch of their life or they are in their happy moments be with them always. Try celebrating their small victories, their sorrows, communicate and try to learn what they feel, how they feel, what can be done about their feelings, and how can you make them happy. Accepting each other the way you are should be the basic foundation of any relationship.

Benefits of healthy communication in a relationship:

There are several benefits of meaningful relationship which is listed down below:

  1. Happy Mental State: When you are in a healthy relationship with less conflicts, automatically your mind remains calm and you remain in happy mental state and can focus on more important aspects of your life.
  2. Growth: This is actually very true. A happy and healthy relationship contributed in personal growth of partners. All good trait and habits of your partner you can acquire, try learning good from other person and slowly when you incorporate them in your habits, it can make you grow as a better version of yourself each and every day. Learning from each other can surely enhance your understanding and will let you grow as a person. Try this and you will feel the change.

        3.Success: You might have heard ” Behind every successful man, there is understanding and loyal women” and ” Behind every successful women, there is progressive man”, so yes this is truly the kind of success you achieve in your life depends on the kind of support, love your partner shows in every up and down of your life. A good partner and a healthy relationship always pushes the Success to newer heights by being there always for their spouse whenever needed.

       4.Family balance: A foundation of the good family is love, care and support one sows as a seed for their plants. If you have a healthy and balanced relationship, surely your kids would take the same positive vibration from you and will learn the good habits. This way a family can be balanced and happy.

Hope this article was informative and helpful for you about ” Role of communication in a relationship”, for more such writings keep supporting and reading.

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