Diabetes Diet  

Diabetes Diet  


 You can include whole grains in diabetes.  it will be beneficial for your health.

   Tomato is beneficial eating tomatoes also keep blood sugar level under control.

  Jamun Vinegar -Make sure to include Jamun vinegar in your lunch. It is very beneficial in diabetes.

 you some such diets (diets with high blood sugar), by including which you can control your diabetes.

 Now the question of some people remains that what to eat so that their blood sugar remains under control.

  Vitamin C is very beneficial in diabetes. It helps in boosting your immunity.

 Diabetes patients should keep chocolate, ice cream, sugar biscuits etc. away from their diet.

    Best diet for diabetics

    Its  best  diet for diabetics.

    Due to the consumption of these things, the blood sugar level increases very fast

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