Habits are so integral part of our daily lives. We have certain good and bad habits which shape our personalities.


      This is very important. Anything you start, you need to follow it up and be determined about completing it or either develop the habit

    Make It Fun

      Any task you perform, for it to be perfect you need to love the process, have fun enjoy the activity you do and then see the results would always turn out to be the best.

     Any new thing takes time to adapt and settle down, same is with habit formation,Therefore, take baby steps toward forming any new habit slowly

    Practice it daily without any gap or cheat days to get better results. Always remember “Consistency is the key to Success”

      Loving what you do is very important to complete the task effortlessly.  Any habit you form you are most interested in end goals you are going to get out of it.

     Remember to credit yourself for your hard work. Rewards obtained would further motivate you to retain your good habits