How to control     your emotions

      Emotions are healthy, complex and necessary as well. Emote, express and be happy about your feelings always.

   What are Emotions?

     Emotions are defined as the physiological state of mind brought by certain different changes in behavior, feelings, thoughts, situations.

        Try accepting        whatever you feel

This is the next step to proceed. Once you understand your emotion, try owning it.

Try expressing it in Right Situation

      “INSTANT REACTIONS ARE NOT GOOD”. Try getting more aware of your surroundings. Every action should not be responded to by immediate reactions.

Try accepting whatever you feel

  Once you understand your emotion, try owning it.    Accept the fact that   yes you are angry by his/ her actions.

What are you feeling?

    This means try labelling your emotions i.e. Is it anger, is it frustration?

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