What is Self-talk

       Self-talk is defined as a set of inner dialogues or talks going on inside our head. It can be in form of thoughts, feelings or ideas.

  Reduces Stress     and Anxiety

    Thinking and talking positively about oneself gives you that boost.

 Importance of Self-Talk

     I can do this for sure. I am the “Hero” of my life, only I can change my situation. I am proud of myself for at least trying.

How to Practice Positive Self-talk

  1.I am a happy person who loves smiling at all odds.  2. I am strong enough to deal with this.   3. I can control my emotions better.

Makes you more confident about yourself

   Positive self-talk wires your brain in such a way, that you can overcome any difficulties in your life if you are optimistic about yourself


    If you are this positive and jolly person in your group of friends, everyone would love to be around you.