What is gluten?

       Gluten is a type of protein, which, apart from wheat, is found in foods made from sorghum and rye etc.

    Who Needs a Gluten Free Diet?

      There are some people who are allergic to eating gluten, due to which they are unable to digest food, such people have a problem of gluten intolerance.

Gluten Free Protein 

   There are the following- 1-Lentils, 2-Fish, 3-Nuts, 4-Shellfish, 5-Tofu 6-Oats, 7-Jowar flour,

Fruits and vegetables


Gluten-free diet in India

      Some people are allergic due to eating gluten, so they are not able to digest the food properly. This is the reason why most experts recommend a gluten-free diet.

    There is a very popular list of gluten-free foods in our country which is as follows-Sago, Millets, Oats, Jowar flour.