What are Mood disorders?

What are mood disorders

Mood state disorder is a type of functional psychotic disorder, whose main symptom is an abnormal change in mood.

It affects different age groups. If the person suffering from mood disorders are not treated by the doctor on time, there is a strong possibility of worsening. By taking timely treatment as prescribed by the doctor, the patient can continue living a basic life.

What are Mood disorders

What is the cause of mood disorders?

 The causes of disorders are as follows:

  • Genetic reasons can cause disorder of the state of mind in devotion. A variety of studies have shown that the chances of transferring a disorder of the state of mind from a parent to a child are as high as 15%. However, in the general population, it is likely to be 1-4%. Studies about twins have shown that they are more likely to have a disorder of the state of mind.

Despite various studies, the gene responsible for causing the disorder has not been identified yet.

  • Psychological reason –

Increased tension stress response, Change in life, Death of a loved one. Abnormal mental development, Low self-esteem, and change in role.

  • Neurotransmitter related causes – Some neurochemicals are found in our brains such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Their level decreases in depression.
  • Physiological reasons – Changes in the state of mind can be caused by the use of physio-active drugs or any physical illness such as alcohol, or gluco-steroid. Physical illnesses that can affect the state of mind are problems like tuberculosis, iron deficiency anaemia etc.


  • Endocrine disorders related causes-Generally, this type of depression is seen in women.


Types of mood disorder It is divided into two types on the basis of causes –

  • Endogenous depression-Also called biological and psychological depression. The reasons for this is not yet clear. Possible reasons could be biological, genetic, environmental and psychological.


The thinking process slows down, and the pessimist thinking overrules.

  • Exogenous Depression-It is also called reactive and neurotic depression. Depression must be due to one reason or the other, for example, death of a close relative, more loss in business, failure in examination or business, incurable disease etc.

The most common type of depression is found in men. This type of depressed person is unable to sleep for long.


Facts about depression:

1-Depression usually occurs after the age of 25 to 30 years.

2-Its peak age is between 40 and 70 years.

3-Men and women are equally prone to depression.

4-The genetic cause of depression is an autosomal dominant gene.

5-Because of which it is called endogenous depression.

6-Depression is usually more during the summer season.

7-Depression is more likely to occur in certain types of personality-like personality traits.

8-And divorced persons are more depressed than married couples.

9-The duration of 1 episode of depression is at least 1 to 2 weeks.


Mood disorder treatment – Treatment should be taken only according to the doctor’s advice.


Measures to avoid mood disorder It can be avoided by adopting the following measures –

  • . By exercising regularly.
  • . By adopting one’s own positive attitude.
  • . Having a regular social life.


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