What is cause of Depression

What is cause of Depression?

Generally,  sadness is present in every person’s life in more or less quantity at some time or the other, but it is an unusual condition to have more deep or permanent lasting sadness.

What is cause of Depression


Definition of depression – It is a disorder of the state of mind, characterized by three main symptoms – sad state, lack of thoughts and lack of psycho-physical exercise.


Depression Eight Major Symptoms These are the following –

 1 – Lack of sleep

 2 – Loss of interest in life

3 – Inferiority

4 – Decreased energy level

5 – Appearance or increase in appetite

6 – Suicide thoughts

 7 – Irritability

8 – Lack of concentration


Types of depressionIt is divided into two parts on the basis of cause. It is as follows –

A)- Endogenous depressionIt is also known as biological and psychotic depression. The reason for this is not clear, but the possible reasons can be – personality related reasons and biological reasons.

The intensity of this depression is considered severe. Mood swings are found in this type of depression. It is seen more in women, especially after the birth of a child or old age.

If seen from the social point of view, it is found more in the poor and working class.

 By the way, there is no factor promoting it.

In this depression, physical tests are seen such as slowing the pace of work, feeling of sadness on the face, walking with bowed shoulders, and physical slackness etc.

And along with this, some mental changes are also seen as the process slows down in thinking itself. There is no effect of environment on pessimistic thinking and state of mind


B)-Exogenous depression This depression is known as reactive depression. There must be a reason for this. It is a type of depression more commonly found in men. The affected person is unable to sleep till late at night.

The following are examples of factors that increase depression, such as the death of a loved one or financial loss, etc., increase the chances of this factor. In this type of depression, the person is very angry. These types of physical changes are less visible and serious and do not change according to the environment.

It is believed that this depression is found more in the middle and upper class of society.

It is treated with psychotherapy antidepressant medicines. But keep in mind that do not use any medicine without a doctor’s advice.


Facts related to depression (what is the cause of depression)- it is as follows –

-Depression usually arises only after the age of 25-30 years. –

-The peak age of depression is about 40 to 60 years old.

-The likelihood of depression is equal in men and women.

– There is a genetic cause of depression, an autosomal dominant gene that causes depression in the genus Endorses called depression.

-Depression is more likely in normal summer weather. – The possibilities of depression are more -visible in certain types of people – such as – Anxious personality

-Depression is more common in divorced people than in married people.

-The duration of 1 episode of depression is at least 1 to 2 weeks.


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