Why is communication skills important?

Why is communication skills important?

Importance of communication holds great importance in today’s era of competition and growing world. A person with good communication skills can achieve phase of success in no time and attracts good opportunities in life.

Any nature of job either it be government, private or business, to communicate well to your clients, and business partners becomes utmost important to move ahead in work.


Therefore, in this article we will talk about, how to improve your communication skills & why is communication skills important?


      Table of contents-

  1. Introduction
  2. What is communication skill
  3. Components of communication
  4. Objectives of communication
  5. How to improve communication skills,
  6. Medium of Communication.
  7. Importance of Communication skills.



The word communication is derived from a Latin word “communicare” which means, “to participate”, “to share” or “to be in relation with”. It broadly means sharing and transmitting ideas or opinions or and information among individuals or groups.

Why is communication skill important


2.    What is communication skill:

Communication is a process in which information is exchanged between two persons by means of symbols, signs and language and behaviour.


3. Components of communication:

1. Sender – The person whose information is transmitted to others.

2. Message – This is the subject matter of sending it can be any sentiment, suggestion, attitude or command.

3. Encoding – The word to the message. Changing action, picture etc. is called notation.

4. Channel – Fixed medium such as radio, telephone to reduce the distance between the sender and the receiver. Written messages, gestures and expressions are used.

5. Recipient – A person who receives the message.

6. Decoding – Re-entering the received signals into meaning is called decoding.

7. Feedback – It is necessary to reply, by this list it is ensured that the recipient has received the message in the desired sense.


4. Objectives of communication:

It is as follows: –

It involves understanding feelings and thoughts and responding appropriately. – Evaluating the communication process and its impact as needed.

Receive feedback from the community and the public about prioritizing services


5. How to improve communication skills:

Follow the below points to improve your communication scale:

  1. Simple language – The sender should use easy language in the message and avoid the use of technical and difficult language. It is very important to use appropriate words to convey your point properly. The language be used in the message should be easily understood by the recipient of the message.
  2. Eye contact – To improve your conversation, there should be an eye contact with whom you are talking to allow the person to gain trust in your words, if you steal your eyes while talking, then no one will believe you.
  3. Body language- Body language has a very important role to play. Your body language should be right and positive while talking, body language plays an important role in conveyance to a person, so always practice to improve it.
  4. Good Listener – You must be a good listener as well as a good speaker. If you want to make your communication skills a good name, then first of all you should listen carefully to the people.
  5. Avoid prejudice- Both the receiver of the message and the sender should avoid bias, they should consider the message openly and as such, they should not accept their opinion as correct.

     6. Messages must be in the correct order– The time of the message & purpose of receiving the message should be all already arranged.


  6. Medium of communication:

  1. Intra-personal Communication – In this the person talks to himself, he/she thinks in his mind or speculates to think something in mind. It has 3 stages  
  • Self -Concept– In this, we will come to know about Self Awareness i.e., Self- Awareness, in which comes how person shows oneself in front of another.
  • Hope – Hope that the future is all about the things that happen in life.
  • Perception – or a type of perception, whereby you become an idea about the outside world.
  •  Interpersonal Communication – In this, two people talk among themselves, in which they use channels of words.  
  1. Mass communication- This is the largest form of communication in which information reaches people through any medium such as television, social media and radio.


    3. Group Communication – In this communication takes place between a group, each person is a part of some group. When a group discusses a particular topic, it is known as group communication.


  7. Importance of communication skills:

It has a huge contribution in our life, its importance can be different in every field.

  1. Academic Life-Many students are upset with themselves due to poor communication, as they can’t talk to other people. Due to this problem many times even, the brightest students are left behind. Good communication skills will help you talk to teachers about things that are difficult for you and with your fellow students will help you get better in your academic career.


  1. Professional life– It is very important to have communication skills in professional life, as it helps us a lot. Presenting yourself as a leader in the office Putting yourself ahead of your words in the right way, which improves performance. Helps to build good relations with your colleagues and win their trust.


So, basically, communication is the key to success, so it’s important to learn communication well.

I hope you all liked the given information on why is communication skills important.


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