World Mental Day 2022

World Mental Day 

It’s said that despite having all the facilities, happiness and healthy body, everything is useless in the absence of health.

A healthy life is a gift of God, but due to the increasing materialism approach, the mind of man remains beset with some kind of anxiety and stress, in this day-to-day struggle, which gives birth to disturbed mental state.

World Mental Day 


Our ancestors also said that one should wish to live 100 years by being active and healthy. We can be active only when the body and mind remain together. Health is the essence of our life. There is a very popular famous saying, “HEALTHY MIND RESIDES IN A HEALTHY BODY”.

Mental health is an important aspect of overall health, it is very important to have a balance between the internal factors and the external environment to maintain good mental health.

World Mental health Day

The whole world celebrates 10 October as World Mental Health Day with the aim of increasing mental health awareness. The number of people suffering from mental diseases has increased very rapidly since the corona pandemic.  Also, children are no exception to this. According to UNICEF’s 2021 report, about 14 percent of children in the country are also living in depression. So the sole purpose of celebrating this day on such a large scale is to spread awareness about mental health among the people.


World Mental health Day2019: was celebrated on Thursday 10 October.


  • Factors affecting mental health:
  1. Genetic- factors:

Heredity is a very important factor affecting the behaviour, personality and physical mental ability formation and development of a person. The quantity and number of qualities, a child has received from his ancestors affects his mental health.

  1. Physical- health:

It is essential for a person’s mental health, that they should be physically healthy as well. If people suffer from physical diseases for a long time, they get many types of mental frustration, and conflict situations arise.

  1. Education:

The mental health of a person is also affected by his family. Because at birth the child is neither social nor antisocial. The first impression on the book of his mind is the effect of family experiences.

If the child does not get a suitable environment in the family, then various physical mental disorders can arise in him. It is clear that the family is an extremely important factor influencing the mental health of the individual.

  1. Family:

Another factor affecting mental health is education. The mental health of a person depends on what is the level of his education, if his education is faulty, then surely its effect will also be visible on the mental health of that person.

  1. Religious culture:

A person’s mental health is influenced by his religion and culture. One learns from religion that culture affects the way of knowing, accepting and accusing oneself.

Therefore, while studying the mental health or the health of a person, it is necessary to study the culture and religious background of that person.

  1. Adolescence:

With the onset of adolescence, significant changes take place in the body which can effect adults in certain they feel about their body. The comparisons at this age can lead to mental health disturbances in the kids.

  1. Other factors-affect mental health:
  2. Poverty
  3. Unemployment
  4. Changing social values
  5. Social change
  6. Political instability
  7. Lack of entertainment


  • Characteristics of a mentally healthy person


  • Self –confidence:

A sufficient amount of self-confidence is found in a mentally healthy person. In life struggle, they tend to face the situations patiently and work on them effectively.

  • Positive attitude towards oneself:

Mentally healthy person always maintains a positive attitude towards problem and try to find solution of the problem.

  • Full control of oneself:

A mentally healthy person can make decisions easily.

  • Absolute attachment to reality: A mentally healthy person can easily differentiate between fantasies and reality.
  • Control of external factors
  • Able to meet the necessities of life: A mentally healthy person can easily fulfil his daily needs with supplements.
  • Regular life: Healthy habits are the basis of mental health.
  • Confidence Sensitivity and Controlling Emotions.

World Mental Health Day 2022: History

The United Nations started celebrating World Mental Health Day in the year 1992. Eugene Brody, the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, had recommended celebrating this day in 1994. The purpose of celebrating this day globally is to make people. Mental health conscious. It is celebrated every year with a theme.

So, mental health is an important aspect of life, that one should always be aware of, and please remember “MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT”. Do not neglect it.

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