Anemia Symptoms and Causes

 Anemia symptoms 

Iron, “Superman of the Minerals” is very essential for the body to keep fit and healthy, and keep running like a “Cheetah”

Today, we will learn about Anaemia, an iron-deficient stage.

Table of Contents:

1)      Definition of Anaemia

2)      Type of Anaemia

3)      Iron Deficiency Anaemia

4)      Causes of Anaemia

5)      Symptoms of Anaemia

6)       What is anaemia

 1) Definition of Anemia:

Anaemia is the stage in which the haemoglobin (Hb) levels in the blood flowing to the body are so much lower than normal that there is not enough supply to the body tissues. Anaemia is a symptom of many other diseases rather than one disease.

It also occurs when there is a lack of a sufficient amount of red blood cells in the blood. Every year more than one crore people suffer from anaemia in our country. In our country, more than 80% of pregnant women suffer from anaemia.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pregnant women are at a potentially higher risk of anaemia, with more than 40 percent of pregnant women in the world with anaemia.

What is anaemiameans lack of blood iron in our body. An element called haemoglobin is present in our body, which shows the amount of blood in the body, its quantity in men is about 12 to 17% and women between 11 and 14 are considered normal.

It occurs when the rate of destruction of red cells in the body’s blood exceeds the rate of formation.

Due to anaemia, fatigue is felt very much. Due to the lack of blood, the cold also feels more. The face turns pale. This happens because, in the human body, the parts of the body do not get enough blood to do their work.

2) Type of anemia:

On the basis of cause:

  • Haemolytic anaemia,
  • Haemorrhagic anaemia,
  • Iron deficiency anaemia,
  • Loss of RBC thalassemia in globin sideroblastic anaemia due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

3)  Iron deficiency anemia– This is the most common anaemia. Iron (Fe) is the central part of haemoglobin which is known by ‘ice’. In its absence, haemoglobin production in RBC is reduced.

4) Causes of iron deficiency: – The reasons are divided into four parts:

  1. Lack of food and less food like children mentally ill person.
  2. Decreased iron absorption
  3. (Growing child) Breastfeeding during pregnancy
  4. Iron deficiency (blood loss) in the body (bleeding) (excessive bleeding with faeces) Hookworm infection of the blood.

anemia symptoms


  5) Symptoms of anaemia:(anemia symptoms)

  1)  Weakness

  2)  Fatigue                                 

  3) Dry skin

  4) Thin hair brittle nails

   5 ) Headaches

  6) Difficulty in breathing 

A protein called haemoglobin is present in the red blood cells of our body which is rich in iron. Due to lack of iron, the body is not able to make enough haemoglobin, due to which there is a decrease in red blood cells, due to which oxygen is not supplied in sufficient quantity in the body.

In the event of anaemia, it can be avoided by taking a proper diet, for this, it is necessary to make certain food items a part of the diet, which are as follows-

  • Food should be high in protein, vitamins.
  • There should be a rich source of iron in food, such as: meat, liver, dark green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, carrots, there should be plenty of vitamin C in the food as it increases the absorption of iron.

If you have any symptoms of Anemia, try consulting your nearby physicians or doctor for proper consulting. Hope you liked the information provided in the article.

Some important FAQ on anaemia:

1-What are the 3 main causes of anaemia?

Answer- Anaemia has three main causes: Decreased iron absorption, lack of haemoglobin in the blood & destruction of red blood cells.

2– How do I know if I have anaemia?

Answer- To diagnose anaemia, it is easily detected by your doctor through your physical medical history and blood tests.

I hope you all liked the information given about the anemia symptoms.

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