What Should Be The Correct Weight

What Should Be The Correct Weight:

What Should Be the Correct Weight: In today’s era, people are very conscious about health. Not only this, everyone is also taking care of their family’s health.

In such a situation, if children get the correct information about fitness from a young age, they remain cautious about their health with time.

Because of this, they make every possible effort to control their weight from the beginning.

People need to be made aware of how much weight should be according to their age and height. In such a situation, today we will remove your dilemma that (What Should Be The Correct Weight) should be your weight according to your age and height, so let’s know in detail here.

What Should Be the Correct Weight

What does science say:

According to medical research, everyone’s body is different. Therefore, their weight is also determined by various factors. These factors are decided based on age, height, and gender. According to the researchers, you may suffer from diseases later if your weight is not controlled at the right age.


Easy way to calculate BMI:

If you want to calculate your body mass index, you can get information about your height and weight with the help of an online calculator. You can also use a simple formula to calculate body mass index. (BMI = Weight / Height Squared or BMI = Weight / (Height X Height).


Charts for kids and adults:

According to the national chart, you can know the height and weight of people from newborn to 60 years according to the information given below.


Newborn Baby:

3.3 kg girl weight


3.3 kg boy weight


Infants 2 to 5 months old


6 kg boy weight


5.4 kg girl weight


baby 6 to 8 months old


7.2 kg boy weight


6.5 kg girl weight


Nine months to a year


10 kg boy weight


9.50 kg girl weight


2 to 5 years old


12.5 kg boy weight


11.8 kg girl weight


6 to 8 years old


12 to 18 kg boy weight


14 to 17 kg girl weight


9 to 11 years old


28 to 31 kg boy weight


28 to 31 kg girl weight


12 to 14 years old


32 to 38 kg boy weight


32 to 36 kg girl weight


15 to 20 years old


40 to 50 kg boy weight


40 to 45 kg girl weight


21 to 30 years old


60 to 70 kg boy weight


50 to 60 kg girl weight


30 to 40 years old


59 to 75 kg boy weight


60 to 65 kg girl weight


40 to 50 years old


60 to 70 kg boy weight


59 to 65 kg girl weight


50 to 60 years old


60 to 70 kg boy weight


59 to 65 kg girl weight

Hope this article was informative and helpful. What Should Be The Correct Weight

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to provide general information only. 

If your weight is less than this, consult a doctor.

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