About Vitamin E 

 About Vitamin E 

“Healthy body leads to a healthy mind”, this old saying is surely true, so let’s dive into the talk about certain major players involved i.e “VITAMINS”.

Definition: Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, and it contains antioxidants that protect the skin from damage.

Vitamin E is found naturally in many types of foods. And the body preserves it till it is needed. Many types of compounds are present in vitamins. Vitamins are natural and important for health.

 About Vitamin E –

The most active of which is alpha-tocopherol. It keeps the skin flexible, thereby providing protection against premature aging or the problem of skin eruptions or wrinkles.

Vitamin E is considered very beneficial for hair and skin. It has been told in research that vitamin E also helps in the repair of muscles.

What are the precaution must take for vitamin E deficiency?

Vitamin E deficiency can cause many problems in the body. Therefore, knowing about vitamin E, you can fulfil it’s deficiency in the body by simply changing your diet. According to a research, cataract in people who eat vitamin E is found less.

This Article Includes- 

 1-What is vitamin E?

 2-Sources of vitamin E

 3- What is the cause of Vitamin E deficiency

 4-Symptoms of Vitamin E deficiency

 5- What are precautions one must take to prevent vitamin E deficiency

 6- Benefits of Vitamin E

about vitamin E

Source of vitamin E The best sources of vitamin E are almonds, peanuts, and walnuts. It is found in vegetable oils like sunflower, safflower, corn. Vitamin E is found in wheat and soybeans. Vitamin E is found in sunflower seeds and green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli.

What is the cause of Vitamin E deficiency?

Vitamin E is deficient in very few people, due to its deficiency, the body completely prevents the absorption of some dietary fat, such as nephropathy, anemia, speed cannabis. Signs of retinopathy includes immune response, nerve damage indicate vitamin E deficiency.

Vitamin E is deficient in a low-fat diet.

-Vitamin E deficiency can also be due to some diseases, such as gallbladder disorder, liver disorder

Symptoms of Vitamin E deficiency- Its most common symptom is

        1. Muscle weakness,

        2. trouble with balance

        3. and numbness

Vitamin E is very important to maintain the immune system, vitamin E deficiency can also affect the eyes.

What are the precautions must take to prevent vitamin E deficiency

 – Provides nutrients to the cells and keeps the body healthy.

  -Almonds to meet the deficiency of Vitamin E.

 -By taking a diet rich in leafy vegetables and avocado and vitamin E, you can fulfil the deficiency of vitamins.


Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E protects human cells in many ways. Helps to reduce health problems, such as cancer, amnesia.

-It is extremely important for the functioning of our immune system.

-It has the property of anti-oxidants, which helps to protect cells from free radicals, the same when exposed to smoking or radiation, the molecules that are formed when food is broken down are free radicals.

-Digestive problems can be avoided by supplementing vitamin E.

– Vitamin E plays an important role in the function of the immune system. It helps cells to fight infection.

– It also helps in repairing muscles after a workout.

 -It also helps in curing the ability of bile juice to secrete hormones in many types of diseases such as disorders of liver digestion, cystic fibrosis etc.

The vitamin is not digestive in your system-

-Since vitamins are small nutrients that do not need to be digested, they are absorbed along with enzymes and pass into the bloodstream.


Like other vitamins, vitamin E is also very important for our body and people of all ages should consume this vitamin.

Hope you all liked the given information about Vitamin E.

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