Weight Loss Tips Naturally At Home

Weight Loss Tips naturally 

Table of content:
  • What is weight?
  • How to eat?
  • What to eat?
  • Importance of self-belief to stay Fit.


  • What is Weight?

Weight is defined as relative mass or quantity of matter, the heaviness of the person.

There is a lot of information available on the internet for weight loss, but what is actually useful is a big question, because anything related to your body should always be backed up by science.

Here, in this article, today we are going to talk about some effective weight loss tips that can be helpful:


  • How to eat? 

Eating habits are very important when it comes to reducing weight. (weight loss tips naturally)

List of a few habits which can act as a catalyzer in your weight loss diet:

1-Water: Drink plenty of water in a day, i.e., make your habit of drinking 0.5-litre water before meals, this actually reduces calorie intake and make you feel full.

2-Small Plates: This is the habit, which is really helpful. It’s a Japanese belief that eating on small plates reduces the amount of food you intake i.e., divide your plate into 4 halves and keep the portion size less when you fill your plate. If the plate is large, automatically you tend to put extra food in it which will worsen your habit.

3-Brushing your teeth: Try incorporating this habit of brushing teeth after every meal, as our brain is trained in a way to not eat any extra snacks once we have cleaned out teeth.

4-Speed of Eating: Always try to eat slowly by chewing the food properly, as it accelerates the digestion process. It has been observed that fast eating individuals tend to be more obese.

5-Awareness: Mindful eating is a good practice to follow for weight loss. Listen to your body and mind whenever you decide on eating anything. Make a wise decision of what is healthy and unhealthy for you because your body always gives you an indication of what it requires, just try learning to pay attention to it and you are good to go.


  • What to eat? 

This is very important because this is truth “To reduce weight in a proper manner, eating a proper diet with exercise is important”.

So, here is a list of important foods and diets one can follow to reduce weight.

  • Low carb diet: Carbohydrate’s intake is important for your health, but if you reduce carb intake, and increase protein and fat diet it will be helpful in weight loss. Refer to a dietician and get your customized low carb diet.


  • List of low carb foods:

  • Meat: Beef, chicken and Pork
  • Nuts: Walnuts, almonds.
  • Fruits: Strawberries, apples and oranges.
  • Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Eggs


  • High Protein-rich diet: Eating an adequate amount of protein helps. A protein-rich breakfast helps you feel light, reduces crunching unnecessary snacks, and obsessive thoughts about food.


  •    A protein-rich diet includes:
  • Plant-based protein i.e., legumes, beans and quinoea.
  • Eggs: Egg with the yolk.
  • Meat: Beef, chicken, pork and lamb.


  •  Weight Loss Tips Naturally At Home-


  • Green leafy vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are full of nutrients, without increasing calories and carbs.
  • List of vegetables:
  • Tomato
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower


  • Healthy Fats: Try removing this misconception from your mind that “Fats are bad”. It is essential to include good fat in your diet including avocado and olive oil. Try reducing extra fat like having oily and processed foods.

Try cutting the food containing a high amount of trans saturated fatty acids. Always check the ingredient of processed food you take; this habit will help you cut unnecessary fat harmful to your body.


  • Try counting calories: If following the above-mentioned diet is not helping, then try once keeping track of your calorie’s intake because calory calculators can be helpful in reducing weight.


  • Avoid Sugary drinks: All these sugary and processed drinks do not contain any useful calories required for the body, and just add unnecessary load on the metabolism of the body. Try having green tea, water, coffee or tea instead of processed and sugary fruit drinks, you will the observable changes soon by following this habit.


  • Exercise: This is important, along with the healthy diet you follow, its also important to be involved in certain physical activities like walking, jogging, swimming, cardio and workouts to reduce the extra mass of your body and shed weight faster.



In conclusion, one should always try to reduce weight not to fit any beauty standards or for any validation, because God has created every individual and every created individual is beautiful in his/her own way with all their imperfections and flaws.

But yes, remaining fit and healthy by consuming the correct food can make you a healthy being overall, so take care of yourself by following a happy and healthy diet.


Frequently Asked Questions about weight loss:

Question: Does weighing daily helps?

Answer: Yes, if you weigh daily and keep track of your weight you are boosted to reduce more.

Question: Does skipping can help?

Answer: No, skipping meals will worsen the situation as you will feel hungrier and do munching. It’s better to have every meal on time.

Question: Does eating rice at night bad?

Answer: This question can be answered like this, avoid harmful carbs at any point of the day, but eating healthy carbs like jasmine rice at night won’t harm you.

I hope, this article was useful and informative about Weight Loss Tips naturally”

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