Benefit of curd: A Tasty and Nutritious Superfood

 Benefit of curd: A Tasty and Nutritious Superfood

Benefit of curd: Dahi, or yogurt, is a superfood consumed for thousands of years. It is made by fermenting milk with friendly bacteria, creating a thick, creamy, sour product with health benefits.

Curd is magic and nutritious ingredient of our healthy routine. Many types of nutrients are present in curd, in which abundant protein, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and calcium are found. 

It is a boon in summer to eat curd and enjoy your day. Today we will talk about the great benefit of curd has to offer. Curd is also known by other names like Dahi and yogurt. Many types of nutrients are found in curd, which helps remove many types of diseases from our stomachs.

The benefit of curd-

Even in our country, it is considered auspicious to eat sweet curd before the start of any work, the curd is consumed in many ways, such as with printer, with rice, with umbrella and can be served by making buttermilk curd. Many nutrients are present in it, which are very important for our body. Yogurt is beneficial for our health. Curd has been of great importance in our Indian culture since ancient times.

Benefit of curd

11 Health Benefit of curd-

1-It makes bones and teeth strong- Yogurt is rich in calcium and phosphorus, due to which it strengthens teeth and bones. It also prevents from getting gout. Therefore, try to consume curd daily, so that your teeth and media will remain strong.

2- Boosts immunity- The best probiotics are found in yoghurt, in which the micro-organisms present are very beneficial for our body, in which it acts as an antioxidant which increases our immunity. According to a research, in some cases, probiotics can also help reduce the severity of the common cold.

3-Use of curd for skin and hair- Curd is also a home remedy to clean hair and skin. You must make a paste of gram flour, lemon and curd for this.

Then leave it on your face for 15 minutes to half an hour. After that wash the face with water. This yogurt acts as a bleach. Because of this, your face glows. You can also use curd to make your hair shiny, for this, you can apply curd in the hair and leave it for 30-45 minutes and then wash it with clean water.

4- Useful in digestion- Lactose is found in curd, which increases digestion power. In such a situation, it is very beneficial for people with weak digestive systems because curd is easily digested.

5- Yogurt helps reduce weight- Yogurt contains calcium, vitamins, potassium and magnesium. Which is considered very beneficial for health. Yogurt is rich in calcium. Which reduces cortisol, due to which it benefits in reducing weight.

6- Good for heart- Always consuming curd reduces the level of cholesterol, due to which blood pressure remains under control, because it keeps their level balanced, which keeps your heart healthy.

7- Curd to remove stomach heat– Curd is considered like nectar for the treatment of many types of stomach diseases, in case of burning or heat in the stomach, consuming curd or lassi made from curd provides relief.

 8-Benefits of curd (osteoporosis)- Yogurt is rich in protein, vitamin D, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, which are essential nutrients for maintaining healthy bones, in which all these vitamins and minerals help in preventing osteoporosis.

9- Get rid of mouth ulcers with curd- Curd helps to remove mouth ulcers, for this, you mix curd with honey and apply it on the ulcers or take curd with food. By using either of these two, you can get relief from ulcers.

10- Yogurt is a good protein source- Protein is abundant in curd. 200 grams of curd contains about 12 grams of protein, which helps in increasing the energy consumed throughout the day. Protein is also essential to keep it regular.


11- Benefits of curd (other)- Consuming curd provides great relief from diseases of the stomach and intestines. The calcium present in it makes teeth, bones and nails strong.

It helps in increasing our appetite. If a glass of curd is made of buttermilk mixed with carom seeds and drink, it provides relief in diseases like piles. It also helps a lot in getting rid of acne on the face.

Many such people do not have proper digestion, so using curd with food improves digestion. For people who have sleeplessness, doctors also advise them to eat curd, which leads to good sleep by eating it. It also helps in removing the bad odour of sweat from the body.


Keep in mindAlways eat fresh. Never eat from night time only. If you have a problem with cold, then do not consume curd.

 Side effects of eating curd-

  • Gout problems- The curd is considered suitable for teeth and bones, as it is rich in calcium. If a patient of arthritis consumes curd, the pain problem can increase.


  • Asthma patients- Curd can be harmful to asthma patients. Eating it can increase breathing problems. If you are a patient of asthma. Curd should be avoided. If you want to eat curd, you can eat it during the day. Do not eat at night at all, due to the sourness and sweetness in it, it promotes mucus, which increases phlegm.


  • Lactose intolerance- If you are suffering from lactose intolerance, you should avoid eating curd.


  • Acidity problem- If you have an acidity problem, they should not use curd, especially do not eat curd at night.


  • Benefits of eating a mixture of curd and chapati- The digestive system remains good when eaten mixed with curd and chapati. Due to this, there is no problem related to the stomach. Because yogurt is rich in nutrients like protein, vitamins, calcium and phosphorous.

   FAQS – 

  • When should curd be eaten?

Ans- Yogurt should be eaten with the meal of the day. By eating curd during the day, the body’s digestive system remains fine.

  • What happens if you eat curd?

Ans- There are many benefits of eating curd, it strengthens the teeth and bones because it is rich in phosphorus and calcium. The curd helps in keeping the digestive system strong. Yogurt is considered highly beneficial for skin and hair. This is good for the heart.

  • How much protein is in a bowl of curd?    

  Ans-A bowl of curd or a cup contains about 98 calories and 11 grams of protein.

  •  Curd is made from milk; what is it called?

      Ans-This process is called fermentation.

We hope that you all liked the information about the benefit of curd given by us.

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