11 Health benefits of Garlic

Benefits of Garlic

Antioxidants are found in abundance in garlic, due to which it helps in removing diseases. Commonly, garlic is used in many types of food, due to which the taste of any food item increases manifold.

It contains a medicinal element called allicin, which has anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Vitamin B and C are found in sufficient quantity in garlic. Also calcium in it. Elements like magnesium selenium are found which are considered very good for health.

  This article includes – 

    1- Benefit of garlic

    2- Use of garlic

    3- Why is the consumption of garlic important for health?


Benefits of Garlic-

Do you know that listening to Garlic is very beneficial for health, eating it on an empty stomach in the morning cures many diseases. According to Ayurveda, we get various benefits by eating raw garlic on an empty stomach. It tastes a bit bitter to eat, so you can eat it by mixing it with honey. Its use gives relief from many types of diseases.

benefits of Garlic

Use of Garlic (Benefits of garlic)-

By using it regularly, we get relief from many diseases. It has many anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Along with this, the properties of antioxidants are found in high quantity, due to which it helps in curing diseases. Strengthens the immunity of our body.

  • Garlic prevents cold- A study has found that those who always use garlic have fewer colds.


  • Strengthening Digestion Power – If you are struggling with problems like constipation and gas, then you must always consume raw garlic in the morning. It helps in keeping your stomach clean by strengthening your digestive system.


  • Lowers cholesterol level- By using garlic, it helps in reducing the cholesterol level in the body, due to which the risk of heart diseases is reduced.


  • Controls on increasing weight – In today’s era, weight gain has become a common thing, due to this changed lifestyle, we are struggling with this problem, we are telling you that, if you are troubled by your increasing weight. So eating raw garlic on an empty stomach in the morning can help in reducing your weight.


  • Garlic protects against dementia and Alzheimer’s- Both of these are related to disease or mind. Because garlic has antioxidant properties. Which benefits in these diseases, the free radicals present in our body are oxidative to us, due to which the effect of aging starts on the skin.


  • Controls in diabetes– Glucose level is controlled by using raw garlic. Therefore, by controlling the glucose level of our body, it helps in reducing diabetes.


  • Keep the blood pressure controlled– Garlic works in a very helpful way in infectious diseases. Which can also be said that garlic helps in increasing your age.


  • Keeps teeth strong- Because the properties of antibacterial are present in garlic, due to which this work does not allow problems like road, due to which your teeth are always strong. It also helps in decreasing blood pressure.


  • Garlic is a boon for athletes- Especially in ancient Greece, athletes playing in the Olympics were fed garlic. Because during exercise it increases the body capacity.


  • Garlic helps in maintaining healthy bones-It is also said to be beneficial.


  • Keeps skin healthy– It is considered very beneficial for the skin. Because it contains high amounts of antioxidants, which helps in improving the skin of our body. Along with this, it also helps in retaining moisture in the skin.

It is delicious to eat and it is also easy to include it in our food, we can use it by making many types of vegetables, dishes, soups, chutneys etc.


Why is the consumption of garlic important for health?

Garlic is mostly used in the winter and rainy seasons. It is also used in stomach and throat related diseases. It has antiseptic properties. In the case of worms in the stomach, eating raw garlic provides relief. Using garlic gives very quick relief from the problems of cold, cough and phlegm.

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