The benefits of onion

 The benefits of onion

Cutting onions is a difficult task, but the benefits of onions are a treasure trove of health and beauty. Many types of nutrients are found in onions, which are considered very beneficial for our body. These elements can be obtained by consuming onions daily, and by consuming onions, the amount of vitamin C increases, and the amount of vitamin C in the body is helpful in increasing immunity.

Onion ke benefit

Onion has been recognized as a medicinal value since ancient times. Onion is the best source of folic acid. In this, vitamin A, vitamin B 6, vitamin C and E, sodium potassium iron and many types of minerals are found.

If the onion is not added while the food is tempering and there is no onion in the salad, then the taste of the food does not come. Water definitely comes from your eyes while chopping onions. But there are many benefits of eating it. Which is no match. Especially in summer,  said that eating onions does not cause heatstroke. You will be surprised to know that not only onion is capable of protecting against heatstroke but also diabetes and other diseases.

What is onion?

Mainly onion is considered a vegetable. It is eaten with great fervor not only in our country but all over the world. Its scientific name is Allium cepa, it is called by different names in many languages, in Hindi it is also called onion as well as Kanda and Dungri.


The benefits of onion

The benefits of onion- 

For Digestion – Because it contains mostly fiber which is a good source for maintaining a healthy and regular digestive system. Fiber also helps in reducing digestive pain.


Good for immunity boost- The phytochemicals present in the required amount in onions act as stimulants of vitamin C inside the body. Vitamin C and your immune system’s effectiveness increases when you eat onions as it helps your immune system better fight off toxins and many types of infections.

For healthy skin- Biotin plays an important role in keeping the skin of our body healthy. Onion with olive oil or honey is considered to be the best remedy for treating the symptoms of pimples. Onion is also an anti-inflammatory vegetable. Because a mixture of different types of active compounds is found in it.

 For cough treatment- An equal mixture of onion juice and honey can help relieve the symptoms of sore throat and cough.

Prevents diabetes- The biotin present in onions has a positive effect on our health in many ways. In which one faces the symptoms associated with type diabetes. Because onions also contain chromium which helps in controlling the level of sugar in the blood.

For oral health- Mostly used to prevent toothache and infections, chewing raw onions for 2 to 3 minutes can potentially destroy all the germs present in the mouth area in the surrounding places like the throat and lips.

For bone health- The thermal condition can also be improved by eating onions with jaggery and water, as it adds to the body’s mineral content, especially iron. Which is an important part of the production of new red blood cells.

Prevents cancer- Onion is rich in quercetin which is a very powerful antioxidant compound. Which is consistently linked to the prevention or reduction of the spread of cancer., together with vitamin C being a strong antioxidant that may have the presence and effect of free radicals throughout the body.

What are the benefits of eating raw onion?

1-To control blood pressure, it is advisable to consume many types of things, one of them includes onion, if you have a complaint of blood pressure then you can use raw onion. This can help in reducing bp.

2-Raw onion consumption is very beneficial to maintaining the digestive system properly.

3-Beneficial for bones-If you consume onions regularly, it can help a lot in strengthening bones

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